We’re proud to partner with The National Association of Women’s Business Owners (NAWBO) and to share a mission of empowering women to sart and succeed in their own businesses. Check out our co-founder Victoria Wang’s first guest blog for NAWBO where she shares how The Story Exchange is making her dream is come true.

Women Business Owners Need Role Models

One of the things I hear again and again is that women need role models. And after working for years in the financial world, it’s something I personally know all too well. Throughout my career, I often wished there were more senior women for me to share experiences with and to learn from on issues both business and work/life related.

If you turn on the television or browse the web, you will be hard pressed to find real stories of successful women entrepreneurs. You might find a few clips here and there, but no one is telling the real stories about the real women—we’re not talking about the Kim Kardashians of this world—who are starting businesses. Continue Reading…