Niki Pitharide N.P. Baby Sitter On Call, The Story ExchangeYour Name: Niki Pitharide

Business Name: N.P. Baby Sitter On Call Ltd, a database of available babysitters

Type of Business: Children’s Goods & Services

Business Location: Nicosia, Cyprus


Reason for starting
I needed someone trustworthy to help me look after my newborn daughter. No such company existed in Cyprus so I decided to bring together my knowledge as a pre primary school educator and the skills gained from my MBA in management to design this in my attempt to also provide highly and professional services to all families in Cyprus!

How do you define success?
Success is a never ending game which will not end unless I win 🙂

Biggest Success
My biggest success curently is that I am doing a job I’ve designed for myself which gives me the flexibility to spend more quality time with my family and worry less about finances!

What is your top challenge and how have you addressed it?
My top challenge was to increase awareness in my country for the services my company provides. People were not familiar with them and I needed to find a way to overcome this barrier. I proceeded offering free workshops for parents with their children so they get to know me and my associates. I also created a monthly newsletter with articles from doctors, phychologists, sociologists and experienced parents in order to keep proving my expertise and passion about what I do in business.

Who is your most important role model?
Most important role model is my grandma. Even though she never finished elementary school, she was the best business consultant for my grandpa who was a very successful entrepreneur and at the same time she managed to be his P.A. and a mother of four!!!