To me, people who pioneer innovation, disruption and game-changing ideas are entrepreneurs.

However, in order to be a pioneer, you have to be able to withstand rejection, objection and constant roadblocks. You have to be constantly growing and evolving in your own emotional intelligence to persevere.

This quote (above) is the one I always come back to, when I experience that moment of frustration when others don’t see my vision. And then I remember: Their inability to see is my opportunity to grow, shine and succeed.

In the beginning of my career, I would get frustrated or disappointed when people wouldn’t “get” my ideas. I would try to defend my ideas constantly. My confidence would sometime waiver…until success arrived in a big way!

When I first launched my Butler Bag company, I innovated “technology” in handbags in a simple way — by putting separate compartments at the bottom to keep you organized. Everyone in the industry scoffed and told me all the reasons my idea wouldn’t work, but this was one idea that I wasn’t listening to them on.

And thank goodness I didn’t, because my compartmentalized handbag idea became a million-dollar business in the first year, and then continued to grow and springboard to many new opportunities from there.

Since then, I have embraced the notion that when my ideas are scoffed in the beginning, it often means they are so big, or pioneering that it’s hard for people to see or understand them yet. When you are innovating something, most people won’t “get it” until you prove it. And that’s okay. You just need to focus on leading the ones that do. That’s how you become a celebrated game-changer.