Why is there still a disproportionately low level of engagement in entrepreneurship within certain ethnic communities? Why is it more difficult for these women business owners to access funding? Who is challenging the status quo, and how?

We have been examining these questions — and many others — by way of this content project. We’ve interviewed representatives of organizations and businesses that help women in these communities access funding and grow their ventures. We’ve highlighted the first-person insights and stories of female entrepreneurs of color. We’ve researched specific roadblocks on the paths to entrepreneurship for these women.

By shining a spotlight on these issues, we aim to perpetuate conversations that will hopefully result in a better tomorrow for racially diverse women business owners. A collection of posts that examine the matter from a variety of perspectives can be found below.


Race, Gender and Business Ownership
The Story Exchange is digging deep into the issues uniquely grappled with by female entrepreneurs of color.

Branding a Business When Race Intrudes
For some women business owners of color, racial stereotypes can influence how they brand and market their ventures. But should they?

‘American Enterprise’ – Entrepreneurship for the ‘Other’
Sociologist, author and educator Zulema Valdez talks with us about the realities of business ownership for members of minority communities.

‘American Enterprise’ – Latina Business Ownership
In part two of our interview with Valdez, she breaks down the homogenization of Hispanic female entrepreneurs and examines traditions that impact their startup stories.

Unbalanced Books: How Women of Color Struggle for Startup Capital
Studies, experts and entrepreneurs highlight the complexities in accessing funding as a female minority business owner.

Debugging Tech for Women Biz Owners of Color
The deck is stacked against minority female entrepreneurs in one of America’s fastest-growing industries. But an array of initiatives offer hope.

In Living Color: 4 Vignettes of Hope and Encouragement
Many female minority entrepreneurs say being a woman of color is a source of strength in their startup journey.

Allies & Organizations for Women Minority Biz Owners
A collection of resources and initiatives for female entrepreneurs of color.

Fighting Inequality with Entrepreneurship
Racism and sexism hurt female minority entrepreneurs in the United States. Helping them succeed could combat both bias and economic inequality.