We at The Story Exchange are discussing the issues facing female employees and entrepreneurs in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

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We have always been acutely aware of – and extremely frustrated by – the lack of representation for women in STEM. It isn’t a recent phenomenon, but when you look at the matter in detail, you can see just how pervasive the issue is, and how deeply planted its roots are in our society.

And look in detail we did, in the name of presenting an in-depth exploration of the subject, especially as it pertains to female entrepreneurs.

A collection of posts that examine the matter from a variety of perspectives can be found below.

STEM Entrepreneurship – Where are the Women?
How can we bridge this seemingly insurmountable gap?

Engineering a Career Path in the Modern STEM World
LaTisha Durham, of Chic G.E.E.K.S., discusses racial representation and damaging stereotypes.

Focusing on the Science – Not the Gender of the Scientist
The founder of research firm Wibi+Works talks about the importance of perseverance.

Creating a Supportive Space for Women in Tech
Jessica Lawrence, executive director of the New York Tech Meetup, explains why talks about women in STEM must continue.

7 Inspiring Women in Engineering
Guest author Jenny Beswick, an engineer who encourages women to join the field, shares this list of pioneers.

Turning the Tide for Women Studying STEM
Nancy Hopkins, a researcher and MIT professor, offers her observations on the experiences of female STEM majors.

Welcoming Women at STEM Conferences – and Beyond
UC Davis professor Jonathan Eisen explains how to help make science a true meritocracy.

2 STEM Business Success Stories
Need inspiration? Check out these videos of women in engineering and computer forensics.

10 Resources for Encouraging STEM Girls
A list of supportive spaces – physical and virtual – for future female employees and entrepreneurs.

The Good Fight for Women In STEM
Let’s continue to combat the lack of female representation in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Playing STEM
LEGO announces plans to launch a series of female scientist figurines.

The Especially Thick Glass Ceiling of the Tech World
Report examines the issues women face while climbing the corporate ladder in the technology industry.

Inspiring Girls to be Tech Entrepreneurs
A new program aims to catch young women before they’re dissuaded from the STEM fields.

The Power of an Astronaut’s Legacy
Sally Ride Science helps students and teachers in STEM, thanks to the work and inspiration of its famous founder.

Coming Together to Make an Impact
The National Girls Collaborative Project brings together organizations in support of girls in STEM.

Making Science a Friendlier Place for Women
The Association for Women in Science seeks to rectify the systemic issues facing STEM women.

Fairness for Female Tech Employees and Entrepreneurs
Jessica Lawrence of the NY Tech Meetup is passionate about equality for all — particularly women in STEM.

Stirring Up ‘Code Fever’ in South Florida
STEM advocate, entrepreneur Felecia Hatcher works to bring tech education to underprivileged communities.

Helping Tomorrow’s STEM Leaders Reach for the Stars
Austin-based organization GirlStart is developing girls’ interests in science, tech, engineering and math.

Hacking the UK’s STEM Representation Problem
Stemettes is dedicated to eliminating the gender-based “skills gaps” in science, tech, engineering and math across the pond.