Your Name: Sudha Sundaravaradan

Business Name: JUMPOREE, a kids bounce house rental service

Type of Business: Children’s Goods & Services/Kids Entertainment

Business Location: Bangalore, India


Reason for starting
1. Always wanted to have my own company. 2.Passion and urge to create something unique and lack of active and fun playtime among young children these days motivated me to look at starting a company related to physical playtime of children. Bounce house rental business fit the bill especially considering the lack of safe, clean and professional rentals in India. Also, i felt there was a huge gap in that segment wherein safety is considered as the last priority. This venture is all about fun, safety, cleanliness and professional customer service.

How do you define success?
1.When people relate or recoginize your brand/products/services as their integral part of life. 2.At the end of the day, if each and every customer is happy about your service and when they refer your company to their friends and family then that is your real success.

Biggest Success
The start has been good but I’ve a long way to go. Creating the first ever online portal for bounce house rental in India motivates and encourages me to achieve even more in this business. Have created more than 125 party zones in 1 year and have entertained about 10,000 kids so far. More than that, creating a successful service oriented company that delights customers makes me feel happy.

What is your top challenge and how have you addressed it?
Very pessimistic views from various people about the idea as a whole and people were not optimistic about woman doing a rental business dominated by men especially in India. Convincing people to understand our service, philosophy and the price difference was a challenge during the initial stage. Now, customers recognize our brand and service and they know the value addition we bring in to their parties.

Who is your most important role model?
My mother and my father.