Tania Steryl
Your Name: Tania Sterl

Business Name: Sterl on Style, a service to show women how to embody their fashion style

Type of Business: Clothing & Accessories; Coaching & Consulting

Business Location: New York, New York, United States

Website sterlonstyle.com
Twitter @sterlonstyle
Facebook www.facebook.com/pages/Sterl-on-Style/408283149261522
Pinterest www.pinterest.com/sterlonstyle/

Reason for starting
I have 20 years experience in fashion design and realized that I could reach more women to help them by working with women one-on-one to enhance their image. Last year, I was invited to speak at a seminar on Dressing for Success. So many women had questions on fit, comfort, and needed advice on their professional wardrobes, that I decided to devote my work full-time to becoming an image consultant. I continue to inspire and empower women through my Style for Success seminars and workshops. Each new woman I meet is a new story, and it is so creative to help them manifest their ideal image; which translates to more success in their personal and professional lives as they gain the confidence to reach for their goals and achieve them.

How do you define success?
Success is doing work that you love and inspiring others to follow their passions and live their lives to the fullest. We are all on this planet together for the same reason, to be happy and live fulfilling lives. That is the essence. The form is different for everyone which I find fascinating as I work with each new client to help them uplevel their image that is in alignment with their personal and professional goals.

Biggest Success
Launching Sterl on Style, my image consultation business, and helping women to truly find their inner voice, their inner passion, and helping them to express that to the world by polishing their visual presence through what they wear. Speaking engagements for Savvy Ladies and Goddess on the Go are the most rewarding, so that I may inspire and empower women to dress for success.

What is your top challenge and how have you addressed it?
My challenge is sales and marketing. I need to meet more people and spread the word about my company, so that I can reach and help more women live their fullest potential and feel amazing from the inside out, and to show them how to celebrate their best selves through a stylish presence. The question people always ask me is how do I find more clients? Right now, just word of mouth, seminars, style bruncheons, and networking.

Who is your most important role model?
Fashion: Daphnee Guiness for her fearless style. Politics: Margaret Thatcher for making her way intelligently and gracefully in a male-biases world. Entertainment: Meryl Streep for her elegance, talent and humbleness.