Kimba Langas, a stay-at-home-mom from surbaban Denver, Colorado, collects second hand bras for the charity she started called “Free the Girls,” donating them to young women coming out of sex trafficking in Mozambique.

The women don’t wear the bras but sell them in used clothing markets where they’re considered a luxury item. Selling the bras earns them three times the average wage, which is enough to keep them from being trafficked.

Langas project started small; the initial idea was just to send over a few suitcases of bras to Mozambique, whenever possible. But after a plea on her Facebook page for bras, the project grew, and to date she has collected 25,000 bras.

The double meaning in the name “free the girls” made the team here at The Story Exchange smile and we love what Langas is doing to give the women of Mozambique an opportunity to run their own business, free from sex traffickers.