Zein Shiyyab, eTraining1.com, The Story Exchange, Hi-tech, StartupYour Name: Zein Shiyyab

Business Name: eTraining1.com, an online training service

Type of Business: High Tech/Online Service relates to Training Industry

Business Location: Makka Al Mokarrama, Jordan

Website www.eTraining1.com
Twitter @eTrainingone
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/eTraining1Com/

Reason for starting
The decision to establish my own company was one of the major objectives I set for myself in December 2009. The main reason behind this decision was due to the success I had during my previous role. The IT manager – who is now my partner – and I were at the helm establishing the newest branch of a multinational company in Jordan. This gave me the confidence and the experience I needed to start my own business venture. During that time, we started analyzing the opportunities we saw in the local market and the risks we might face as well. In September 2010, I took a training program; “EMPRETEC”, which had a major influence on my entrepreneurial career. This training program gave me the skills and the confidence to take the final decision, together with my partner, to resign from our jobs and establish our own company. Resignation letters were submitted in October, 2010 🙂

How do you define success?
Previously, I believed that success was the ultimate goal for any business and until it has been reached, there can be no accomplishment. Then, after I started my own business, I realized that success was just the end point of a journey of learning. I understood that this journey had to be broken down into several objectives, each with its own success story at the end. This provided me with the essential motivation I needed along the way to complete my ultimate success and move on.

Biggest Success
Every day I have a new success to celebrate and enjoy; however 2 major big achievements I keep talking about out of loud are: 1. The day we launched eTraining1.com, and that was a BIG DAY for us celebrating meeting our 1st major milestone. 2. Being selected as one of Cartier Women’s Initiative Award Finalist for 2011: It was one of the project early stages of the “CWIA” where I had been competing with over 1400 women worldwide to reach the final 18. I believed in my project “eTraining1” but I always thought that it was too early to apply since my project was still at a very early stage of development; however, I took the risk and decided to apply. It was one of the unforgettable moments of my life when I received the email that confirmed my success at being one of 18 who were selected by Cartier as a finalist! Nothing but warm “happy” tears can explain these two special moments 🙂

What is your top challenge and how have you addressed it?
Being an entrepreneur means that your life is changing by being more challenging, more stressful and more successful as well if you have the determination to proceed and keep working and never GIVE UP! I believe an entrepreneur is someone who truly believes in a business idea and will constantly seek and continue doing whatever it takes till he sees it success. It is someone who will seek and continue to develop, and will always look for opportunities and never give up no matter what in order to achieve this success. I am definitely an entrepreneur and it is the way I live my life. My past 5 years were extremely challenging, and I simply worked and still am working harder and harder to see my goals and dreams come true.

Who is your most important role model?
My Mother; I have a great mother, who never had a limit when it came to giving. She raised a family of 5, got a bachelor’s, diploma, and a master’s degree while having a full time job, all after marriage and yet I don’t know how she does it but she never left any of us wanting. I really hope that one day I can be that “super mom” to my kids.