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Julia Pimsleur headshot

Julia Pimsleur of Little Pim: A New Language Learning Program for Kids

"I discovered was that there were no high quality education materials for teaching toddlers a foreign language, so I set out to create them for myself."
Kim Pickett headshot

Kim Pickett of KIMBO Design Inc.: The Go-To Agency for Winning Political Branding Campaigns in Vancouver

"After some soul searching I realized my personality did not fit that of an employee, so I took the plunge and became an entrepreneur."

Kathryn Pearson Peyton of Mammosphere: Mammography Cloud Storage

"I realized that we have a major problem in the world of breast cancer screening: access to prior mammograms."


Loren Velasquez of Just Materials: A College Student Starts an Online Store for Luxury Name Brands & Vintage Pieces

"I can't believe I was able to manage a full time college schedule and start my own business- but I did it and I continue to do so now!"

Chantal Schutz of Cloud Nine Nail Bar: A Nail Salon With Style and Comfort

"It was our desire to create a space that people could visit for clean, healthy and hygienic nail care services."
Christie Asselin headshot 2

Christie Asselin The Wedding Lawyer: Making Sure Your Big Day Goes Off Without a Hitch

"Getting married is not just about coordinating wedding colors - it's a much more complex legal process than people consider."

Jen Westmoreland Bouchard

Jen Westmoreland Bouchard of Litany Jewelry Designs: Turning Antiques into One of a Kind Jewelry

"I also know I've been sucessful when I receive feedback from people who own my jewelry telling me that they always reach for their Litany pieces."
Janet Kafadar pic 2

Janet Kafadar of Janet Kafadar Signature Program Specialist: Signature Online Programs and Products for Your Company

"My top challenge was believing in myself and realising that I have something special that I can share."
joanna 2

JoAnna Johnson of Pluck A String Music: Inspiring Others with Her Music

"The violin and I were connected for the greater good and I remind myself of that daily."

Bethany Tran headshot

Bethany Tran of The Root Collective: Support Responsible Shopping

"I wanted to partner with the people who lived in these communities, who had a vision for being leaders and wanted to build businesses to employ others."
Lakeshia Grant

Lakeshia Grant of Virtual Enterprise Architects: Holistic Business Strategies for Public & Private Companies

"I created the company to provide holistic consulting to integrate the strategy, business and technology needs of customers, specifically federal customers."

Rochelle Carter of Ellechor Media LLC: Publishing Books With a Purpose

"I saw an opportunity to create something sustainable that would help authors' voices be heard."

Nadine Zrinzo

Nadine Zrinzo of Bright Conferences: Producing Conferences for the Love of Learning

"I believe that everyone has something to teach you about life and how to be happy - all you need to do is listen."

Alexandra Mayzler of Thinking Caps Group: Helping Children Succeed

"The ultimate success is to learn and progress while staying true to my original mission of helping students."
amee tomlinson headshot 2

Amee Tomlinson of Jabber Logic: PR for Small Businesses and Nonprofits

"Jabber Logic creates conversations between brands and the community by providing high quality, affordable marketing to small businesses and nonprofits, despite the size of their budget."


Dr. Kizzy Marie Parks of K Parks Consulting: Providing Training Solutions

"Success is not black or white. I view it as a life long journey focused on feeding my happiness, and ability to give back to the greater good."

Rebecca Eve Selkowe of Financial Fitness: Teaching Women the Meaning of Financial Confidence

"Success to me is having true financial freedom, a life filled with people you love and who love you, and work that ignites your passions."
nysa 5

Nyssa P. Chopra of iHeartMD: Creating Awareness About What We Eat

"I wanted to create a way to bring that basic food education and overall understanding of wellness to Americans through a fun, innovative, and informative way."

Ava Anderson

Ava Anderson of Ava Anderson Non Toxic: Quality Products Without Harmful Chemicals

"I define success as making a difference in chemical policy in this country, as well as changing lives through our education, products and business opportunity."
Ashley Hart

Ashley Hart of Book-a-Cook: Rent a Chef for Your Next Party

"I wanted to give chefs the opportunity to build their own brand and business and clients a once in a lifetime culinary experience."

Alexandra McConnehey of See Jane Fix: Fixing Your Smartphones with a Smile

"I want to encourage more women to learn how to do their own repairs."

sarah wells headshot 2

Sarah Wells of Sarah Wells Breast Pump Bags: Stylish Bags for New Moms

"I want to always remember that each purchase is a person for whom I've gained their trust and their hard-earned money."
alana range 3

Alana Range of Radish Lab: A Design Agency Working on Meaningful Projects

"Radish Lab was born from a desire to work on meaningful projects with people we like."
jen lewis 3

Jen Lewis of Purse and Clutch: Fair Trade Bags for Affordable Prices

"Purse & Clutch was started as a hobby to help support a dear friend working with amazingly talented artisans in India."