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Brooke Siem & Leslie Feinberg

Brooke Siem & Leslie Feinberg of Prohibition Bakery: New York City’s Alcoholic Cupcake Company

"I found, as did Brooke, that there really weren't any stable employment opportunities in our desired fields, so we decided to make our own opportunity."
Holly Green headshot

Holly Green of Norabloom Botanicals & Beauty Lounge: Holistic Beauty Services

"You can't be 'unsuccessful' when you follow your intuition and heart."
elisa miller out headshot

Elisa Miller-Out of Singlebrook Technologies: Web Programmers and Designers Making a Difference

"I wanted to use technology to empower other entrepreneurs and business leaders to live their mission and follow their passions."

yve 4

Yve-Car Momperousse of Kreyol Essence: Natural Beauty Products from Haiti

"We endeavor to tackle the socioeconomic disparities plaguing Haiti by developing a business model that benefits the country economically and environmentally."
kathryn headshot 2

Kathryn Hall of The Business of Introverts: Helping Introverts Embrace Introversion

"There are so many challenges with running a business, but I've also found it to be an amazing education."
Ruth Santiago headshot

Ruth Santiago of Plan Ahead Events – Montgomery County: Strategies and Solutions for Your Organizations Next Event

"To me success is knowing that at the end of the day you have made a difference."

nanda 2

Gauri Nanda of Toymail: Keeping Families Connected Without More Screen Time

"We want to encourage open-ended, experimental play but do so in a way that is up-to-speed with advancing technology."
Debra Woog headshot

Debra A. Woog of Connect2 Corporation: Fifteen Years of Successful Coaching & Consulting

"Although I could have continued coaching and consulting through other, larger companies, ultimately I wanted to be an entrepreneur to raise the ceiling on my earning potential."
mrdula 2

Mridula Arora of My Baby Cart: Empowering Indian Women Through E-Commerce

"Women often leave their careers when their baby is born, but they don't have to leave their financial freedom."

Samantha Abrams headshot

Samantha Abrams of Emmy’s Organics: Vegan, Raw & Gluten-Free Never Tasted So Good

"There are days when we look at financial statements and come up with a number of ideas but we still are not sure what the right move is! We address this by asking a ton of questions."
gin 2

Gin Nikoloff of Hire10: Helping Her Community Find Employment

"Hire10's initiative is to bridge local applicants to local jobs."
Deborah Mason Dudley headshot 2

Deborah Mason Dudley of Deborah Mason School of Dance: 30 Years of Dance

"I've always known that the arts could be a force of change in children’s lives, and I wanted to reach out to the community I loved by sharing my passion."

Walida headshot 2

Walida Muhammad of Herspiring Business, LLC: Inspiring Women to Achieve Success

"My top challenge is building a network of women who really want to make a difference, with no excuses!"
elle black headshot 2

Elle Black of Mimi De Luxy: Turning up the Heat Without the Sleaze

"I created Mimi De Luxe to inject some sexiness into women's lives and relationships."
Julia Warren Headshot

Julia Warren of Celebrate! RVA: Giving Children the Birthday Parties They Deserve

"Age shouldn't be an issue in our field, but it is. There is a stigma that young social entrepreneurs are just trying to bulk up their college resume or job resume."

Sheena Allen headshot

Sheena Allen of Sheena Allen Applications: An Empowered Female in the Tech Start-Up World

"I started Sheena Allen Applications after having a completely random idea for a checkbook app after leaving Wal-Mart."

Amy Britt of Britt Banter: A New York Based PR Firms for No-Nonsense Women

"I wanted to work in a PR firm that was honest, ethical and void of drama."
Jasime Youssef headshot

Jasmine Youssefzadeh of Filmanthropos: Telling Stories and Creating Change

"I had a passion and knack for storytelling and wanted to combine this with my desire to create an impact."

Jackie Kellso headshot

Jackie Kellso of PointMaker Communications, Inc.: Leaving a Corporate Job to Work in Corporate Professional Development

"I define success by how much value I'm bringing in and how I'm helping others on their paths."
Julia Pimsleur headshot

Julia Pimsleur of Little Pim: A New Language Learning Program for Kids

"I discovered was that there were no high quality education materials for teaching toddlers a foreign language, so I set out to create them for myself."
Kim Pickett headshot

Kim Pickett of KIMBO Design Inc.: The Go-To Agency for Winning Political Branding Campaigns in Vancouver

"After some soul searching I realized my personality did not fit that of an employee, so I took the plunge and became an entrepreneur."


Kathryn Pearson Peyton of Mammosphere: Mammography Cloud Storage

"I realized that we have a major problem in the world of breast cancer screening: access to prior mammograms."

Loren Velasquez of Just Materials: A College Student Starts an Online Store for Luxury Name Brands & Vintage Pieces

"I can't believe I was able to manage a full time college schedule and start my own business- but I did it and I continue to do so now!"

Chantal Schutz of Cloud Nine Nail Bar: A Nail Salon With Style and Comfort

"It was our desire to create a space that people could visit for clean, healthy and hygienic nail care services."