Explore our map of the 1,000 and counting women entrepreneurs from around the world who have shared their business stories with us. And below, dive into the key findings of our project at the 1,000-stories mark.

Presenting 1,000 Stories of Women Who Mean Business

The Story Exchange reached the milestone of 1,000 stories collected from women business owners in November 2015, 3 years into our project. Here's a deep look into what those stories told us about why women start companies, how they view success, their top challenges and their most important role models.

Top Challenges: Getting More Strategic, Sooner

The nuts-and-bolts work of running a business preoccupies many women entrepreneurs. Are they thinking strategically enough soon enough to build the strongest, best companies they can?

When It's Closing Time

Businesses shut their doors for a variety of reasons, as some women in our 1,000 Stories project learned — the hard way.