One thing that struck us — in a good way! — as we wrapped up our 1,000 Stories project last fall was the wide range of industries in which women are thriving today. From professional services and public relations to restaurants and construction, female entrepreneurs are found in most any space. So in this edition of our crowdfunding column, we went looking for women business owners who are raising money for a similarly broad array of unique and interesting ventures and projects. We were not disappointed!

Check out these 5 women-led crowdfunding campaigns:

1. A New Roaster (via Indiegogo)

Credit: YouTube
Credit: YouTube

The Business: Susanne Ward is the founder and CEO of Rock City Coffee Roasters, a self-roasting java spot located in Rockland, Me. The venture began as a small used bookstore, but when Ward and co-owner Patrick Reilley moved to the area and took it over, they breathed new life into it. They expanded into a larger space, changed the name and began roasting beans in-house with a traditional drum roaster. But while it may smell great and turn a profit, the roaster itself generates a significant amount of smoke.
The Money: Over the next five days, Ward and her team are hoping to raise $80,000 (though they will receive some funds regardless of whether or not they reach that goal, thanks to Indiegogo’s Flexible Funding option). With that money, they plan to purchase a new roaster that will spare neighbors the smoke (not to mention the environment).

2. A Home for Yarn-Dying (via Indiegogo)

Credit: Indiegogo

The Business: Mosaic Moon was founded by entrepreneur Morwenna Palmehn of Ashland, Ore., in 2003. It began as a small offering crafting woolen diaper covers for babies, and has since evolved into a full-fledged dyed-yarn business. Palmehn’s venture is a home-based, family-run operation, with everyone from children to long-time best friends pitching in. After recently moving to a new house, Palmehn and her family want to transform their new garage into the perfect base of operations.
The Money: Palmehn has 10 more days to reach or exceed her goal amount of $15,000. The funds will pay for improvements to her water system, new cookers and the remodeling of the garage to add three new windows.

3. Advice for Freelancers (via Kickstarter)

Credit: Kickstarter

The Business: Creative freelancers, take note: Viennese author and communications strategist Monika Kanokova wants to help you find balance in your life by sharing with you lessons learned by successful women who have already done so. Her new book, “My Creative (Side) Business,” is for those of you who want to “monetize your creative hobby to bump up your bank account” by explaining the process of finding success and stability as a freelancer.
The Money: Kanokova interviewed several women for this book and wants to pay an editor, illustrator and designer for their work and time. To that end, she is hoping to raise the equivalent of $9,230 by or before Feb. 2.

4. A Story of War (via Kickstarter)

Credit: Kickstarter

The Business: Adriana Groisman is an Argentina-born photographer living in New York City who has worked with such renowned organizations as National Geographic. Now, she is using her talents to reveal the human side of the Falklands War in the early 1980s by crafting a book called “Voices of the Tempest.” It will include her original images as well as real-life testimonies, unpublished letters and other documents that tell the stories of the people who lived through conflict.
The Money: Groisman has until Feb. 7 to raise $45,000. If she succeeds, she will use the funds to cover design, translation and printing costs, among other items.

5. A Tome of a Nation (via Plum Alley)

Credit: Plum Alley

The Business: Rana F. Sweis is a journalist and researcher who aims to publish a “journalistically inspired nonfiction book that illustrates a compelling, ethnographic collage of Jordanian voices that reflect Jordan today.” In the Western world especially, understanding of this Middle Eastern nation is limited, at best. Sweis is hoping to open eyes and minds by talking directly to Jordanians about their shared past and present.
The Money: Sweis has just under a month to raise the $12,000 she needs for her project, and is about three-quarters of the way there. If she clears her goal, the money raised will allow her and her team to research, interview and photograph additional subjects.

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