In our latest crowdfunding column, we feature five campaigns that are equal parts practicality and heart. Read on to learn about women-led efforts to fund a t-shirt company, a growing pottery business, a hair care line, an offbeat cookbook and temporary dog houses.

Check out these 5 women-led crowdfunding campaigns:

1. A Feminist Cookbook (via Kickstarter)

The Business: Paleo for Unicorns” is, as this crowdfunding campaign describes it, “a feminist, humorous paleo cookbook.” Author Amy Subach offers recipes that follow the rules of a paleolithic diet, featuring hunter-gatherer ingredients like meats and fruits, while eschewing innovations like sugar and alcohol. Now, Elly Blue of Oregonian publisher Microcosm Publishing is raising funds to get Subach’s opus printed and distributed to the hungry masses.
The Money: Subach and Blue are hoping to raise at least $5,000 through this campaign, and have 5 days remaining to achieve that goal. Should they succeed, the money will be put toward publishing the book.

2. Making Cities More Dog-Friendly (va WeFunder)

The Business: Chelsea Brownridge’s venture, Dog Parker, makes small, weatherproof shelters for pets to stay in while their owners visit stores that forbid animals. What began as  search for an alternative to using a leash to tie her dog, Winston, to a pole has now morphed into a successful Brooklyn-based venture. After winning awards and endorsements from animal groups, Dog Parker is now poised for a new chapter of growth.
The Money: Instead of a perk-based campaign, Brownridge is offering contributors equity stakes in the company. So far, she has generated over $40,000, and hopes to get at least $250,000 by the time her equity campaign concludes. The money would fund Dog Parker’s expansion into other cities around the U.S.

3. Hair Serums Infused with Positivity (via iFundWomen)

The Business: Veteran hairstylist and entrepreneur Jamie Cholaki is building a business that will sell hair serums infused with amethyst — yes, the gemstone. The Boston-based business owner says her product-in-progress is the culmination of nearly 2 decades of experience with hair, and represents a mix of her “love of hair, joy for crystals and practice of mindfulness.” Cholaki continues to fine-tune the serum — for example, by adding in essential oils to perfect its scent — but she needs funding to continue her work.
The Money: Within the next 22 days, Cholaki hopes to raise at least $12,000. The money from her campaign would be put toward her research and development efforts.

4. Ramping Up Pottery Production (via Kickstarter)

The Business: For more than 20 years, Renata Wadsworth has been a potter crafting bowls, mugs and more for scores of customers. Based in Danby, N.Y., she sells her wares throughout the Finger Lakes region of the Empire State. But for awhile, she has been filling orders with inadequate resources, so now she’s trying to generate the funds to build a new, larger kiln that will allow her to better serve customers.
The Money: Wadsworth is trying to raise at least $12,500 to buy the new kiln she needs, and has 14 days left to meet or exceed her goal.

5. Empowerment Through Clothing (via iFundWomen)

The Business: T-shirt company Mess in a Bottle is the brainchild of Kalilah Wright, an entrepreneur and designer who was born in Jamaica and now resides in Baltimore. Unfortunately, the growth of her venture was halted by a recent break-in at her store, and the shop remains closed. But Wright is fundraising to get her entrepreneurial goals back on track.
The Money: Wright has 41 days remaining in her campaign to raise at least $10,000. The money will be used to help her formally reopen her shop and purchase a new laptop for managing her business.

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