In this edition of our ongoing crowdfunding column, we look at five campaigners who have exceeded their initial fundraising goals before their campaigns have wrapped up. Now, these makers of trading cards, spirits, tights, artwork and films are finding growth-oriented ways of using their surpluses to achieve “stretch goals” like manufacturing additional versions of their products. And many are sending out additional perks as bonus thank-yous to their generous donors.

Check out these 5 women-led crowdfunding campaigns:

1. Trading Cards of Women in History (via Kickstarter)

The Business: Artist Ellen Schaeffer of Springfield, Mo., is honoring historic women with Persistent Sisters, a series of trading cards she created. Each card features an illustration of a woman, such as abolitionist Sojourner Truth and biochemist Marie Maynard Daly, on one side, and facts about her life on the other. Schaeffer was inspired to create the cards because “like so many of us, I found myself wishing that my daughter knew more — and that I knew more — about remarkable women in history and their trailblazing accomplishments,” she says in her campaign.
The Money: Schaeffer’s campaign ends tomorrow, but she has already surpassed her $12,000 goal — as of this writing, she has raised $12,710. Since she exceeded $12,500, she says she will gift all of her contributors with temporary tattoos. If it reaches $13,500, she will also send out magnets.

2. A Female Filmmaker’s Next Chapter (via Indiegogo)

The Business: Texan filmmaker Marci Winters’ current project is called “Smilemaker,” a movie that tells the true story of a Somali refugee named Layla Sheikh. Winters is also a professional astrologer, though she is moving away from that career to focus on filmmaking. She says that her “ultimate vision” for her film is to portray “the power of one’s spiritual strength to create miracles,” and she aims to begin pre-production in the coming weeks.
The Money: The fundraising effort for Winters’ film met its $1,000 goal on Nov. 10, and 24 days remain to raise more money. Additional funding will be put toward assorted production costs, according to the campaign.

3. Out-of-This-World Artwork (via Kickstarter)

The Business: Cathrin Machin is an Australian contemporary artist who has been documenting the universe through her oil painting. Her works — which glow in the dark — are done on a variety of canvases, and feature astronomical phenomena like nebulas and the aurora borealis. In addition to funding the continuation of her work, she is also aiming to gift SpaceX, an American manufacturer of spacecrafts, with “a massive spiral galaxy oil painting with the title ‘dream big,’” that will be 13 feet wide, along with a commemorative plaque, as a show of admiration for its work.
The Money: There are 24 days still to go on Machin’s campaign, but she has far exceeded her goal amount of $9,159 in U.S. dollars — at present, she has raised $79,689. With some of that money, she will send copies of her art on postcards to all contributors. If her campaign earns more than $100,000, she will invite backers to watch her paint live.

4. A Women-Run Distillery (via Indiegogo)

The Business: Jill Kuehler, Molly Troupe and Cory Carman are the women behind Freeland Spirits, a distillery in Portland, Ore., that makes gin and whiskey. The company is dedicated to sourcing its ingredients locally, and has forged relationships with nearby farmers and ranchers to realize that part of its vision. “From the gals who grow the grain to those who run the still, we are creating superior spirits that will feature the very best that the Pacific Northwest has to offer,” the campaign says. Now, these women want to produce new bottles for their spirits, and to get whiskey into barrels for aging.
The Money: The Freeland Spirits team has raised nearly double its goal amount of $25,000, with $44,647 pledged and a month remaining to raise more. These extra funds will further the trio’s bottle manufacturing and whiskey-making efforts.

5. Comfortable Tights for All Sizes (via iFundWomen)

The Business: For those who have struggled with tights that are too tight or roll down during the work day, Darrah Christel is offering an answer. Her Seattle-based brand, Loho, makes and sells comfortable, low-rise tights that are designed to stay put. They come in a variety of sizes and styles to accommodate wearers of all shapes and ages. “I want women, no matter what size they are, to feel comfortable, confident and beautiful when they put on a pair of tights,” she says in the campaign.
The Money: Christel has generated $10,800 in funding so far, exceeding her initial goal of $10,000, and 47 days remain in her campaign. The first $10,000 will pay for manufacturing opaque and sheer tights. Stretch goal funds will go toward producing additional styles.

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