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Name: Amy Lee Hamilton

Business: VacanSeas 

Business: Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, U.S.

Industry: Travel, Hospitality & Events 

Reason for starting? I started this company out of necessity. As I searched for a new job/career for myself I came across a need. This need was literally across the road from me! My neighbor’s home, which is a vacation rental home, was in need of a caring, responsible and reliable property manager. As I took over the duties of managing this home, I realized how much I love the hospitality industry. I have grown to manage three properties at this time and love every minute of my job. I love helping the homeowners save money and time worrying, while also providing guests an amazing vacation!

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How do you define success? Success to me is when you have achieved not only a level of happiness in your career but when others recognize that you are valuable and needed. The balance between doing a great job for your clients as well as feeling personally satisfied that you are contributing to the world around you is an amazing feeling. Being able to work, be productive and make money, while also being able to enjoy life, your family and the things you have worked hard to achieve is success to me. I want my company name to radiate confidence and customer service. I want to be able to keep my company small enough to always lend my personal touch. I want to increase my professional presence with a great website and be easy for guests to locate my services when looking for them. I want to be able to have all of my inventory needs on hand and not have to worry about funding.

Biggest success: My biggest personal success was walking in the 39.3 Avon Walk for Breast Cancer, in honor of my Mom. I had not even trained for the walk as that my Mom had just passed away. After a weekend of pushing myself and my physical limits I knew I could do anything I set my mind to achieve.

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What is your top challenge and how you have addressed it? My top challenge is competing with the large, well known successful companies in this marketplace. Many of these companies that I am competing with have many years of experience and knowledgeable staff. I am working to set myself apart, showing that I am creative and offer many ‘small’ touches that are more valuable than experience. I have taken extra steps that my competitors do not take to ensure unique and memorable experiences for my guests. I also strive at all times to save my homeowners money, showing that I truly care and appreciate the trust they have put in me.

More than one time in my life I have been a single parent, this strengthened my desire to accomplish and to show my children that jobs can be found. I have never stopped trying to achieve and have always sought out alternative ways to work and make money within my community. I have had money and have been out of money, I think this creates a drive to always be one step ahead of the game, nothing is certain.

Who is your most important role model? My parents were my role models, my Mom was a very strong, independent woman – way before her time. She instilled in me a confidence and strength leading purely by example. She always worked hard and had a huge amount of integrity. My Dad was an amazing business man and was truly respected and admired by everyone who came across him. He was not only successful, but was generous as well. He shared his knowledge for business and hired many people who would not have had a chance to be successful if he had not taken a chance on them.


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