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Name: Anisha Chaudhari

Business: Threads and Shirts 

Location: Mumbai, India

Industry: Apparel & Accessories 

Reason for starting? Threads & Shirts was started in June 2015 with the intention of providing the perfect handcrafted shirts at affordable prices. Threads & Shirts tries to capture the uniqueness of the client in his shirt. By providing an interesting twist on mundane shirt wearing, Threads & Shirts tries to bring in a new passion for prints and trends. We are a shirt specialist company where we try to provide you the best made-to-measure experience you could possibility have. The idea for Threads & Shirts came out of a solution to a simple problem — how to get the perfect fit in corporate clothing — which helped me redefine made-to-measure clothing from a traditional concept to a modernist one. My main challenges that I faced while starting this business was switching from a finance background into fashion.

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How do you define success? Threads & Shirts introduces you to a completely different experience of handcrafted tailored shirt. In order to show our uniqueness in what we do, our logo consists of a blue button and a red thread. We brand each and every shirt; we handcraft it with an iconic blue button at its end run with a red thread. This symbolises that the shirt is handcrafted uniquely for the client. Our attention to details also lies in the fact that we have labels designed with our brand motto, which is “Freshly Tailored,” as we believe our clients aren’t a slim or relaxed fit, but they have their own unique fit, and that is why we make the freshly tailored shirts for them specially.

Biggest success: Apart from the uniquely personalized aspect of tailoring and styling that we provide, Threads & Shirts has launched its one-of-a-kind 3D-render engine model. This shirt model gives you a real-time experience of draping any fabric, collar, cuff, monogram, buttons, threads, cuffs, etc. This new technology enables the user to get a real-time touch and feel of the customisation process. It is extremely user-friendly and also gives the customer a chance to play with the online shirt model at the tip of their fingers. Our retailing strategy is further expansion through our stores; we already have a strong south Bombay presence through our flagship store in Opera House. We plan to reach a wider and bigger audience by launching a new store soon. Our marketing strategy would be to look at more future cross-branding activities and corporate events.

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What is your top challenge and how you have addressed it? My main challenges that I faced while starting this business was switching from a finance background into fashion. Being a hardcore finance junkie, I shifted from a banking and insurance background into something I felt more passionate about, which was handcrafted shirt making.

Who is your most important role model? My role models are the entrepreneurs behind Proper Cloth.

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