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Name: Ayesha Khan

Business: Kluster & Real Solutions

Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Industry: Professional Services 

Reason for starting? Being an employee could not satisfy my internal need for doing good work and owning my own business. Since I am an IT professional by training and have gained a degree in Human Resources as well, I thought of starting a business in these fields that I know well. I wanted to deliver goods and services with a happy mind and soul to all. I wanted to provide customer service in a true sense by being a friend to my clients, serving them and their best interests and helping them make progress. I haven’t made a fortune yet in my four years of business, but, at the end of each working day, I have a sense of achievement of having done good work and this makes me feel like a millionaire.

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How do you define success?
 Success is doing what you love in your professional life without any fear or control from someone else. A repeat order of any service by a happy client is my trophy in business!

Biggest success: 
Although, I am not from the healthcare industry, I have managed to study the industry and its professional requirements. Now, for the last four years we have helped to recruit the best and extremely kind specialist doctors and healthcare professionals in the UAE. Our satisfied client hospitals and medical centers have spread good about our work and as a result we have grown in the region. A well served healthcare organization and their happy patients is our biggest success.

What is your top challenge 
and how you have addressed it? Scaling up requires a lot of funding. I do not have the means for consistent financial support, except my growing business itself. The money we make is put back into the business to fuel growth further. Working hard each and every day is my only means to address the scaling up challenge.

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Who is your most important role model? 
Richard Branson of the Virgin Group. Whenever, I am offered a new business opportunity and I’m not familiar with it, I remember his words encouraging entrepreneurs to accept the opportunity, since one can learn and still provide the best service to any client.


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