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Name: Brandy Kawulka

Business: Posh Shopping Tours, a service for a guided shopping and tour experience

Industry: Other — Tourism, Clothing & Accessories 

Location: Vancouver, Canada

Reason for starting: I was about to turn 40 and felt that I wanted to do something for myself that would be a departure from the life I was living – wife, mother, cabinetmaker, something that would provide me with a personalized purpose, something that I could call mine. I have always seen vacancies in the marketplace and not had the resources, the courage or the willingness to take them on. With Posh Shopping Tours, the stars aligned themselves and here I am, on a journey that is stretching my mind and my abilities. Not only that, I’m having a fab time.

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How do you define success? When what you do doesn’t feel like grinding work. Sure there are aspects to business that you may not love and for each of us its different, but overall if your passion meets your purpose and you love what you do everyday, then that’s success.

Biggest Success: My biggest success has yet to occur! Every step is getting me there regardless of how big or small it is and only at my life’s end will I have reached it. As each goal is realized there is something bigger to shoot for. My full vision has yet to be realized, but I know I’ll get there before my days are done.

My current short term goals are to gain awareness for the amazing service the Posh Shopping Tours provide to visitors to Vancouver, with a minimum of 3 tours per week. Also to create a variety of content related products to support women on their journey to loving their bodies. The longer term goal would be for expansion into other cities. The over reaching goal is to help empower women by teaching them to love themselves inside and out.

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What is your top challenge and how have you addressed it? My top challenge has been putting all the pieces together as a solopreneur, there are so many hats to wear and learn to fill. I’ve decided that 2014 will be a year of intense learning for me. I’ve set a goal of reading one development book per week, taking notes on them and implementing things that resonate with me or that make sense for my business. I also hired a coach recently to help me create the roadmap I’ll need to build a strong foundation for Posh.

Who is your most important role model? There are so many people who I look up to and respect in different areas of my life, many of which are family and friends. It may sound a bit odd, but I think I am my own role model as well – or more precisely the future version on myself, living my biggest and most dynamic fully realized life.

Twitter   @PoshShopTours

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