2016 U.S. Elections

Our coverage of the issues women care about and roles they played — on the ballot and in the voting booth — during a big election year in America.

Campaigning for More Women in U.S. Government

Some women seek to solve pressing societal issues by running for local office, and join a pipeline of female candidates who may someday run for higher office. But why aren’t there more — and how can we turn the tide?

Businesswomen on the Ballot – Eileen Bedell

First-time Democratic congressional candidate and law firm owner Eileen Bedell is bringing a lifetime of personal experiences and insights to her campaign to represent Virginia’s 7th district.

Businesswomen on the Ballot – Lori Bartley

Republican congressional candidate Lori Bartley, who aims to represent Texas’ 18th district, says her faith and determination have helped her navigate hardships, start a business and take on a political campaign.

Businesswomen on the Ballot – Sue Googe

Sue Googe, a GOP congressional candidate from North Carolina, says her harsh upbringing in communist China and second life as an entrepreneur in America inspired her to get involved in politics.

Who are the Democratic Women Candidates?

Democratic women are contesting a significant number of races for House, Senate and governorships throughout the country. And many have been shattering barriers for women in politics for years.

Who are the Republican Women Candidates?

From Midwestern matriarchs to impassioned immigrants, Republican women vying for elected office in 2016 are of one mind in championing traditional party principles. What does this reveal about the GOP today, and what could it mean for 2017?