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Woman Entrepreneur Gives Guys the Boot

Lisa Sorrell founded Sorrell Custom Boots because she loves working with her hands. She’s passed on her passion for creating her award winning boots to her 15-year-old daughter, who runs her own business designing ladies shoes (What a perk being related to someone in this family.) Sorrell’s biggest regret? Trying to keep up with the guys.

Meet Eve, the 8-Year-Old Entrepreneur

Eve Hobsbawm’s story is one that will make you feel inspired or incredibly lazy. The 8-year-old child from London has started her own business, charging customers to solve all their problems.

Is Your Startup Cool?

Author of The Coolest Startups in America, Doreen Bloch talks to The Story Exchange about the coolest startups and sheds some light about the women in the startup industry.

The Quest for an Even Suntan Motivates Young Entrepreneur

I was just reading some submissions on the Your Stories section of our site and came across entrepreneur Cheri Garcia, a 25-year-old who already has a patent for her product, a tanning bed invention (not the NJ woman who over tanned type tanning bed) and a few years of entrepreneurial experience under her belt.

The Adventure Project Helps Others Help Themselves

Becky Straw and Jody Landers are unlikely partners on a shared mission to alleviate poverty in developing countries. In 2010 they started The Adventure Project, a non-profit that provides funding to social enterprises. “We almost act as the VCs, where we have the money and we’re investing wisely in these enterprises so they can scale,” Straw told The Story Exchange.

Chance Email Makes Mom Inventor Winner on ABC Show

Dawn Firsing-Paris is a living proof to the common belief that if you need to get something done, ask a busy woman. A few months ago, with two jobs as well at two young children, Firsing-Paris took on another challenge – inventing a new product. Not only did she do it, but she also won the highly coveted approval and mentorship of super “shark” entrepreneur and investor Barbara Corcoran.

High-Tech Mom Entrepreneur Gets Families Organized

As a working mother with four boys – aged two to eight – Joanne Lang has always been extremely organized to manage her busy life. But it’s been challenging and time-consuming, and her background in computer science made Lang think, there must be a better way.