There is no shortage of opportunity to improve upon the world around us — of this we’re sure the women business owners we feature today would agree. One is working on an “intersectional” examination of what’s wrong in the tech industry — a look at the impact of intersecting race and gender biases on opportunities there. Another is offering an all-natural deodorant that provides more eco-positive way to stay fresh. All are finding different — yet impactful — ways to make people healthier and more aware through their projects and ventures.

Check out these 5 women-led crowdfunding campaigns:

1. Fashion Basics for Fitness Buffs (via Plum Alley)

The Business: Any woman who exercises frequently knows how difficult it can be to find good workout gear. Graced by Grit, founded and run by entrepreneurs Kimberly Caccavo and Kate Nowlan, addresses “the overwhelming lack of choice in the market for high performance, flattering workout gear for women,” according to their website. Already an established online business, the duo hopes to elevate its new physical space.
The Money: Less than a week remains for this campaign to meet or exceed its goal of $20,000. With the money, Nowlan and Caccavo will promote their brick-and-mortar location, develop strategies for future stores, and prepare for institutional investments in the California-based business.

2. Underarm Protection, the Natural Way (via Plum Alley)


The Business: As temperatures rise this summer, many will find themselves searching for ways to stay fresh. That’s where Agent Nateur, founded by Jena Covello, can help. Covello is in the business of keeping customers smelling sweet through her line of all-natural deodorant. As the company grows, she is finding herself in need of a bigger base of operations than her West Hollywood kitchen.
The Money: With a little over a week to go, Covello is nearing her $4,000 goal. She’ll mostly use the funds for manufacturing and packaging costs as she works to satisfy incoming orders from around the world.

3. Examining Racial and Gender Issues in the Tech World (via Kickstarter)


The Business: The issues plaguing women — particularly women of color — in the tech world are well documented. Yet despite these ongoing conversations, representation continues to be a problem. That’s why the folks at digitalundivided, led by Kathryn Finney, are raising money to fund “Rewrite the Code,” a documentary extension of their “Project Diane” initiative that takes an “intersectional” look at biases in the tech world.
The Money: Fortunately for digitalundivided, this crowdfunding campaign has already raised more than the $25,000 the team hoped to earn initially. In addition to funding production, the money will help get more interview subjects lined up and more screenings at public schools scheduled.

4. A New Indoor Facility for Pups and Owners Looking to Learn (via Indiegogo)

The Business: Pet owners love their dogs, and some even consider them members of the family. But quite a few beloved pooches are in need of some obedience or agility training. Pet parents in the San Francisco Bay Area should take note of the crowdfunding effort for Zoom Room, a school/gym for dogs that will help them learn and socialize.
The Money: The team at Zoom Room, led by owner and pet trainer Jaime Van Wye, wants to raise $29,000 to buy agility equipment, signage, business software and more for the facility. Only 23 days remain to meet the funding goal, but don’t worry — the folks at Zoom Room will receive a portion of whatever they raise, thanks to the Flexible Funding option.

5. Investigating a Critical Women’s Health Issue (via Kickstarter)

The Business: Filmmaking duo Abby Epstein and Ricki Lake — yes, that Ricki Lake — are hard at work on a project called “Sweetening the Pill,” which examines the potential harmful side effects of birth control pills, while also shedding light on a debate about what it means for women to truly have control over their fates and bodies. “We want to empower women with knowledge and choice when it comes to contraception,” the campaign says.
The Money: By or before July 3, Epstein and Lake hope to raise $100,000. The funds donated will help the production team behind “Sweetening the Pill” launch an even more thorough investigation of the issue.

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