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Name: Dr.Uma Gautam

Business: HeadPro Consulting LLP

Location: Bangalore, India

Industry: Professional Services 

Reason for starting? For a working woman, it’s a constant juggle between the home and the office. Going from being a dentist to a head hunter has certainly been a very exhilarating journey! It didn’t take long for me to realize my passion for people versus 32 teeth! It was then I made a switch to start my new career as a recruiter without looking back. I worked for a top executive search firm for seven years and learnt the trick of the trade fairly well.

Becoming an entrepreneur was the only option for me. When my inner voice didn’t allow me to put my first daughter in day care, I didn’t have an option but to exit my employment. That’s why I decided to start HeadPro Consulting in 2011 as a one woman army. The journey so far, has been exemplary as we climb to newer heights every day. HeadPro today is an eight member team, giving me utmost satisfaction of employing only women professionals, which is a small contribution towards empowering women!

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How do you define success? Creating wealth through ethical business and smart work, providing employment to women who come from a humble background, and to receive Laurels/ appreciation/endorsements for good work. A woman believes that she is successful not just when she has excelled in her work but when she has also been a great source of strength and support for her parents, especially when they are aging and a role-model mother to her children.

Biggest success: My biggest success is yet to come! However, so far what has given me immense satisfaction is being able to run a profitable business from the very first year of operation, being able to keep the operational cost fairly low, strategizing empowering the team to aim for greater success, and adequately keeping them motivated by offering handsome incentives, which has been working well!

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What is your top challenge and how you have addressed it? From being a dentist who was acquainted with offering dental treatments to becoming a recruitment professional was indeed a daunting task. Everything was new! The hand that had held a hand-piece for conducting dental procedures now had to hand-hold top professionals in making sound career-moves. Managing sound financial health of the company and be able to run a profitable organization was yet another gigantic challenge that I had ahead of me. Thanks to a few great mentors who have helped me sail through some of these business challenges with utmost ease and comfort. They have been there as my sounding board when I encounter such business challenges.

Who is your most important role model? I am lucky to share my birthday with people like Indra Nooyi and Bill Gates. I try to draw my inspiration from such great people in trying to accomplish at least a minuscule amount of what they have contributed to society!


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