Denita Austin Austin Ink Studio
Beverly Hills author and entrepreneur Denita Austin knows the power of storytelling. She felt like there was need for a space for women to tell their personal stories, so she started her indie publishing company Austin Ink Studio. Since opening her business she has helped women build the confidence to share their stories, become authors and find their voice. 

Austin’s story, as told to The Story Exchange 1,000+ Stories Project:

I personally felt like the world needed a space for women to speak their truth through story. I started the movement and company to not only help and guide women to write and publish their personal stories but to also build the confidence to do so. To actually push past the fear of judgement and embracing your life experiences, good or bad. Our stories help us connect, relate and inspire one another. Why not publish it to transform lives and to build a foundation for yourself? 

Success to me is when a person can create a lifestyle around their passion. Success can be measured by money, things or happiness from within but I truly believe that if you are focused and driven by your passion, everything else will fall in place naturally.

My biggest success to date would be starting an indie publishing company that creates opportunities for women to share their story, become authors, build platforms and lifestyles around their life experiences.

My biggest challenge has been work, life, balance. My solution: I’ve created a schedule for traveling, personal time and work that will allow me to have a balance. It’s super important to make sure that the scale is balanced properly. If you are truly allowing time for yourself, this energy of course will transfer to your work which would allow you to show up giving your best.

When we are dealing with personal issues which I have experiences numerous times, we must continue to produce the work. If not, our business is affected. I have learned this lesson over time. Marketing and sales has also been a big challenge for me, especially because its always changing.

My most important role model is my mom. Her strength and courage is inspiring to me and gives me hope in my overall vision. Her strength pushes me daily to challenge myself and to become a better version of myself.

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