The Independent Life – Alexandra Clark

The owner of Detroit chocolate shop Bon Bon Bon says entrepreneurship has allowed her to pursue her passion and design the travel-filled, dog-friendly life she wants.

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When chocolatier Alexandra Clark opened Detroit sweets shop Bon Bon Bon in 2014, it was the manifestation of a lifelong dream. Initially, she was only open on Saturdays and operated from the back of a local diner, catering to a clientele of mostly friends and family.

Then she started receiving press coverage, appearing in Bon Appetit, Food & Wine Magazine, Martha Stewart and Forbes, and her client base grew. That influx of customers allowed Clark to hire staff, rather than rely on volunteer help from friends. “Hiring people is always a milestone,” she says, adding that seeing them achieve their dreams, thanks to the salary she pays them — for example, buying a car — is especially rewarding.

Clark met two significant short-term goals for her business recently — she moved Bon Bon Bon into a brick-and-mortar location half a year ago, then launched an online shop.  Looking ahead, she hopes to continue to grow steadily and to successfully navigate the busy holiday-fueled months of November, December and February.

Clark is excited — and relieved, she adds — to dedicate her life to her passion. Never again will she “be inconvenienced by being other places or thinking about anything but chocolate all day.” She also relishes the lifestyle owning her own business affords her, which includes international culinary travel — “I study what I love!” — and working with people she respects. She even gets to bring her dog to work, since she makes the rules. “I live a lifestyle that’s exactly how I would design it — because I did design it,” she says.

Posted: February 2, 2018

The Story ExchangeThe Independent Life – Alexandra Clark