Lisa Batra is the founder My Kid’s Threads, an online children’s clothing consignment shop. When we first featured her as part of our 1,000+ Stories campaign, the corporate-employee-turned-entrepreneur told us that, for her, “success means more than money and power — it is about enjoying your work and what you do.”

When we caught up with Batra recently, we learned that business is booming. My Kid’s Threads has experienced significant growth in the past 2 years, she says, with sales doubling annually and repeat customers to the virtual boutique growing steadily too. That success has allowed the Philadelphia company to make clothing donations to various local nonprofits.

But the best part of being a successful business owner, she says, has been having the opportunity and financial stability to show the world to her children, taking them to far-off destinations like India and Ireland. Running an online business lets her live the life of a “digital nomad,” she says, able to respond to customers via laptop from anywhere in the world — leaving her free to educate her kids through enriching life experiences. “I have always had a passion for traveling, and it’s even more adventurous to travel with family. I think it is so important to teach children about other cultures.”