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Name: Inna Rosputnia

Business: Lady F Wealth Management

Location: Kiev, Ukraine

Industry: Financial Services

Reason for starting? When I first decide to start trading and investing, I could not find the guidance or understanding of how it all works. And it was really difficult to find a good trader to manage my assets, a trader who is good with money and down to earth, focused on me, on my goals and not selling me general “working for all and suitable for all” investment decisions. It was the motivation to start Lady F Wealth Management — the place and the company I was looking for a few years ago. I have a special mission to engage women in the investing world and to make our services transparent and global. Everyone, regardless of country of origin, can access our services online and get customized investment advice or mentorship.

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How do you define success? For me success is to fulfill myself, to do a job that makes me happy and inspires new projects. It’s a feeling that is burning inside of me every morning when I wake up. It’s being happy with what I do and having time to enjoy life with my family and the people I love. Our main goal is to make a difference in the world by giving people access to professional services in investing and trading. We want to make investing easy and easy to understand for ordinary people and to empower and engage women in investing and trading.

Biggest success: My biggest success is building a strong family and keeping balance between my business and personal life. I was nominated for the Women in Finance Awards last year, and it was a great honor for me to be among the 30 most successful women in the finance field. I achieved this thanks to my family and their support.

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What is your top challenge and how you have addressed it? I think challenge is good, as it makes us smarter. It motivates me to make better decisions and to find new opportunities. It always opens new doors. Many people want to make investments and build their wealth, but very often they do not know how to do that and they are afraid of being scammed or making the wrong choice. I think this gives us a chance to build a service and customer experience that changes the way people think about investments and the way people invest. Lady F Wealth Management is the evolution in trading, investments and wealth management.

Who is your most important role model? My role models are women who change the world, who make the biggest contributions to making a difference, strong women who have overcome fears and obstacles — unstoppable women.

Twitter   @lady_ladyf
Instagram   @ladyf.trader/

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