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Name: Mridula Arora

Business: Cart Nest Commerce LLP,, an e-commerce site selling children’s goods

Industry: Children’s Goods & ServicesE-Commerce

Location: BangaloreIndia

Reason for starting: I am a mother and my baby was the inspiration to start I am an avid online shopper and I think it’s one of the best things to happen to the Indian consumer. I found was not getting the right products online, which became my motivation to start a baby e-commerce website. India is a country where people trust less in ready made products and more in things they make themselves, and when babies are involved, this mistrust goes to the next level and mother’s tend to create baby products themselves. 

India is known for its creativity and crafts and all this talent comes in handy when moms are creating beautiful knitted sweaters, simple cotton jhablas or making nutritious food at home by grinding the right grains and pulses. It’s the willingness and necessity which drives mothers to create the best product for her baby.

I wanted to bring that home-made product online. Women often leave their careers when their baby is born, but they don’t have to leave their financial freedom. They can be business women and the e-commerce platform has that power to enable them to do so. MyBabyCart is that platform which is helping them to harness that power.

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How do you define success? Success for MyBabyCart, is defined by the success of its Mompreneurs. I want to make Mompreneurs successful in their initiatives and help them to grow businesses. If I am able to enable 1000 self-sustaining businesses out of MyBabyCart in next 3 years, I will be very successful and satisfied.

Biggest Success: Our biggest success has been to start from nothing a year ago and to create a platform which not only empowers myself but also many more Mompreneurs. It’s been created by sheer hard-work, will and perseverance.

What is your top challenge and how have you addressed it? Our top challenge  has been to market ourselves in  when everybody is battling on discounts are backed by deep-pocket investors. We are trying to grow in very unorthodox way; we showcase our products through social media, we are letting ourself expand in existing groups of parents/moms so as to reach very targeted people in the cheapest way possible.

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Who is your most important role model? There are many actually, I am learning every day. Be it marketing tips from Neil Patel or Mahesh Murthy’s blog telling me how to do business the right way or Alok Kejriwal’s simple and to the point advice. Inspiration is all around us and I think our generation is lucky to be around so many advisors. Our amazing mompreneuers are the reason I am excited everyday.

Twitter   @mybabycart

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