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Name: Renee Lopez

Business: Renee Lopez Coaching 

Location: Lakeland, Florida, U.S.

Industry: Education & Training

Reason for starting? Having been a college coach for 14 years, I decided to make a career shift a bit and stepped into doing more seminars and writing an upcoming book on the college recruiting process ( In addition, I am a certified speaker, trainer, and coach for the John Maxwell Team, Jon Gordon Company, Positive Coaching Alliance, and 3Dimensional Coaching and have stepped into doing Keynotes for Leadership Development/Coaching Educational programs.

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How do you define success?
 Success should be defined as constant growth towards a goal. The mental training coach who worked with my teams for years, Tami Matheny, always said we should embrace the term Kaizen, a Japanese business term for continuous improvement, and try to be 1% better every day. I have been very successful as a coach both on and off the field. However, the most exciting time for me was watching my student-athletes cross the stage on graduation day and step out into the real world!

Biggest success: Some of my biggest successes include, Coach of the Year Honors, producing 3 All-Americans, multiple all-conference players, Sportsmanship Awards, Sports Ministry Awards, Regional Championships and Team Academic Awards. I also regularly do Keynotes for Fortune 500, NFP’s, and community organizations. I am also the author of an upcoming book on the college recruiting process Looking For a Full Ride.

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What is your top challenge
 and how you have addressed it? Being a female in a very male-dominated field of sports has it’s challenges. However, I have educated myself (Masters in Exercise Sport Science, numerous coaching licenses, read a lot/listen to podcasts, etc) to keep up-to-date and look to grow. You need to not be intimidated when you walk into a meeting with 35 men and you are the only female. You need to prove yourself — sometimes two times over — and have confidence in yourself!

Who is your most important role model? 
I have had many great role models throughout my career. Professionally, I would say Reid Estus, the athletic director I worked under for 5 years. He had integrity, pushed you as a coach, but was extremely supportive in the process. I had to step out in faith to do my business full time and it’s the best decision I have ever made!

Twitter   @lookn4aFULLRIDE 
Facebook   @LookingForAFULLRIDE 
Instagram   @CoachRenee Lopez 

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