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Stacie Sussman had been working in corporate America for over fifteen years, but felt unfulfilled. She decided to take a leap and start her own digital marketing and business development consultancy to re-ignite her passion and SSR Digital Group was born. Now the New York City native is busy trying to find the balance between being a mompreneur and the CEO of a new start-up.

Stacie Sussman‘s story, as told to The Story Exchange 1,000+ Stories Project:

I had been in Corporate America for over fifteen years. I was always successful climbing the corporate ladder until I started to feel stuck and unfilled. My job felt pigeonholed into a narrow role, even though I had freedom and autonomy to make my own schedule. I felt as though I could fulfill my duties very easily. I wanted to start something from scratch. Re-ignite my passion and find work that felt quite meaningful. I decided to pivot and take a leap to start something on my own. I am the owner and founder of a digital marketing and business development consultancy firm and couldn’t be more excited to jump into work every day!

I love hearing about the challenges and problems that keep CEOs up at night. I love trying to solve those problems, moving the business forward, and adding true value. I would love my company to grow into an organization in which I can hire other former colleagues and friends that feel stuck in their day job. I want everyone to wake up with a purpose and do work that’s meaningful.

Being able to go out on my own and hit the ground running has been a huge sense of pride and success for me. I love working with people and when a customer is happy or we see growth it brings a smile to my face knowing that I helped someone else.

“I want everyone to wake up with a purpose and do work that’s meaningful.”

– Stacie Sussman, Founder of SSR Digital Group

I am working on scaling my business. I am starting to have a better grasp on how much of my time goes into a project and how much I should charge per project. When you are a small business owner it’s easy to never stop and always want to do a good job. Not just a good job but an exceptional job. It’s hard to turn on home hours and turn off business hours. I am working to define clear business hours with a start and stop time.

I’m a working mom and always felt in Corporate America it was a boys club. There was never any running home to relieve our childcare, go to school events, or sick pickups. I love working for myself so that I can have a balance between being there for my child and being there for my clients.

I love following powerful female CEOs and ladies that are breaking the norms. I don’t have one person in particular that I look up to, rather I keep a compilation of inspirational stories close to me that keep me moving forward each day.

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