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At The Story Exchange, we believe that a woman who is in control of her finances has the power to assert herself in many other areas of her life. And through our 1,000 Stories campaign, we have celebrated hundreds of women who took responsibility for their financial and personal destinies via entrepreneurship.

However, through the anecdotal evidence we’ve collected, we have observed a frequent reluctance from women when it comes to discussing money. This hesitance manifests itself not only when some women talk about the present financial state of their companies, but also, when they express — or rather, decline to express — the desire to earn profits from their work.

In short, despite the level of accomplishment many female entrepreneurs achieve, when money enters into the conversation, women tend to clam up.

During the summer, we will be exploring the issue through interviews with experts and input from female entrepreneurs. Check back here for more posts on this content series, or visit our homepage for more information.

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