Love and Romance Expert Offers Dating Advice for Professionals with Tight Schedules

The Story Exchange: Violet Lim and Husband, Lunch Actually
Violet Lim and her husband, Lunch Actually
When running your own business or in a demanding job, chances are you hardly have anytime to breathe, let alone find love. It’s something I’ve heard from busy professionals time and again since starting Lunch Actually, an Asian dating service.

As you’re busy right now, I’ll get right to the point. Here are five tips for finding love, when you’re hard at work building your business or advancing your career.

Set goals for your dating life. Just like you set goals for your business or your career, do the same for your private life. You do not necessarily need to decide that you will get married by next month, but just set a realistic and attainable goal of meeting a certain number of new people by the end of the year. [pullquote]Rather than thinking that every date you go on would be Mr. Right or Ms. Right, take it as another opportunity to widen your social circle.[/pullquote]

Pencil ‘dating time’ into your calendar. Just as you are super-efficient and effective in managing your work time, you have to plan your dates as well. If you don’t, chances are, you will not make time for your dates.

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Have the right mindset. Rather than thinking that every date you go on would be Mr. Right or Ms. Right, take it as another opportunity to widen your social circle and meet a new friend. Do not go in with a checklist syndrome. It adds a lot of stress for you and your date.

Stop focusing on your business or your work. As much as you are super-passionate about your business and work, do not talk about it all the time. You might scare your date off. Let your date know that you do have other passions in life by sharing on the other aspects of your life.

Use technology effectively. Since you are a busy go-getter, you’re likely to forget about dates, anniversaries and the likes. Hence, use technology on your smartphone e.g. ‘reminders’ to help you out in these tricky situations, so that you do not forget another date.

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