Women entrepreneurs: Do you make or sell something that gives customers a breather from, well, everything? If so, apply today for our ‘Great Escape’ Gift Guide! (Credit: QuinceCreative, Pixabay)

Let’s face: The pandemic has been brutal. Who couldn’t use a break?

This year, between now and Monday, Nov. 1, we’re asking women business owners to tell us about ONE product or service you offer that costs $100 or less and would make a great gift for anyone in need of an escape … into decadence, or into a little buzz, or into a fun-filled evening, even if it’s over Zoom. 

[Note: We are no longer accepting submissions. Please check back on November 23 to see our selections.]

We want to hear the story behind your product, the type of person it’s suitable for, and why it deserves to be included in our “Great Escape” Gift Guide. We also want to hear why it’s the perfect gift for getting through a holiday season that will feel equal parts confusing and cathartic — whether it’s a bottle of beer from your brewery or wine from your winery, or the board game you invented, or the virtual events your business organizes, or the chocolates you make that are so delicious no one wants to share them, even if they could go to a holiday party.

Our final picks will be showcased on our site starting Tuesday, Nov. 23 — just in time for early-bird shoppers — and shared with our media partners.

Additional criteria:

  • You cannot be a franchisee, independent distributor or sales representative.
  • You must be able to safely ship your products, or provide your services remotely.
  • Your product or service must cost $100 or less.
  • Your submission will become part of our 1,000+ Stories project, an ongoing research project on women’s entrepreneurship. If you are not already a part of this campaign, information provided for the gift guide may be published as part of that effort.
  • A team of judges at The Story Exchange may ask you to send a sample for review.

Note: If you have already submitted your story to our 1,000+ Stories campaign and would like to be considered for our “Great Escape” Gift Guide, please fill out this form as well, as it contains additional questions. And, please fill out the form in full if it has been more than 6 months since you last told us about your business.

After you apply, be sure to spread the word! Tell your friends, colleagues and networks about The Story Exchange’s “Great Escape” Gift Guide, and encourage others to submit applications by sharing via email, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Questions? Contact us by writing to [email protected].