Laura Zander, of Jimmy Beans Wool, gives New Year’s advice for budding entrepreneurs.

There may be no better time to launch a business than the New Year, when resolutions are fresh and energy is high. We asked a few of our successful entrepreneurs to share their best tips for starting up. 

Laura Zander and her husband moved to the mountain town of Tahoe, Calif., after their careers as software engineers ended with the dot-com era. Laura found work managing the website of a nearby hand-dyed yarn company and began knitting on the side. The owner of the yarn company urged her to merge her business acumen with her passion for knitting and Jimmy Beans Wool was born. Though Zander and her husband emptied their savings account to launch the company, their risk paid off significantly; Jimmy Beans Wools is now a multimillion-dollar business.

In this video, Zander shares a tip that dramatically improved her business for women who are looking to launch their own in 2014.

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