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Your Name:  Dee Williams

Business Name:  Kanjin Yoga, a business for yoga education and wellness

Type of Business:  Health and Beauty

Business Location:  Seattle, Washington, United States

Reason for starting:  20+Years in the tech industry in Silicon Valley, began taking Bikram Hot Yoga, to ease the stress. It worked and I realized I could help others do the same. I love to learn and learning about yoga has been a journey since 2001. I started Kanjin Yoga in 2011.

How do you define success? At the end of a gentle yoga class the student has found bliss inside themselves.

Biggest Success:  Starting a not-for-profit organization to advocate health and wellness in the African American Community. Each year the group hosts an annual event with guest speakers. It is important that Kanjin Yoga gives back to the community.

What is your top challenge and how have you addressed it?   Multi-Tasking and being the one person responsible for every aspect of the company. I am learning to leverage the talents of others who are experts in their field.

Who is your most important role model?  During Junior High School I was encouraged to join the modern dance group that met after school. It was a very challenging time for me as I was very shy and very body conscious. The teacher was an African American woman who expected excellence in her class (she was also my English teacher) and she expressed amazing patience in teaching young girls to feel comfortable with the dances she choreographed for our performances. It was something that I never forgot. The idea that young people are always willing to learn new things if given the proper guidance. This teacher also encouraged me to write and this became my favorite hobby over the years. I enjoy expressing my ideas through poetry and essays.

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