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Name: Khyati Seth & Shubhi Kansal

Business: Studio Kaeth

Location: Mumbai, India

Industry: Arts & Entertainment 

Reason for starting? Studio Kaeth focuses on spatial design and graphic design related projects to create ground breaking, unique solutions using a design process. We truly believe that the design language for any design problem needs to balance both functionality and aesthetics. Using the same methodology, we started a Design store to keep exploring, beyond projects. We aspire to promote design and creativity through our collections, which have a different theme each season. All of our collections are curated, hand picked, handmade, illustrated and designed by our design team to create unique pieces.

The idea behind not having a constant language across all the collections is to enable collaborations from various fields, cater to different stratus of people, explore with different styles and challenge ourselves with each season’s collections.

How do you define success? To us being successful is to reach a place where we can fulfill our needs and dreams, as well as be able to help and inspire others to accomplish theirs. Success to us is about striking a balance between work life and personal growth. When our efforts bring a smile to someone’s face or we are appreciated for our work, we get as excited and thankful as seeing our sales go up.

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Biggest success: The biggest success by far for us has been to get together and initiate something that we truly believe in and to follow our passion. We decided to start on our own at a point when all our peers were happily earning a fixed salary, while we are looking forward to exploring something new and facing new entrepreneurial challenges each day.

What is your top challenge and how you have addressed it? Everyday brings in a new challenge and each challenge shows us our potential and forces us to get better each passing day.

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Who is your most important role model? After contemplating on so many people we could name from inspirational business women, to our teachers, to super heroic mothers, to family members, inventors, and people our age who’ve made it big – we realized, we do not have an individual we look up to. There is just so much we learn from people first hand personal and professional experiences, how they’ve dealt with the hardest situations and come out like shinning stars!


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