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Name: Lindsay Reilly

Business: Lindsay Tia, a maker of handbags, clutches, and keychains

Industry: Clothing & Accessories

Location: Abington, Massachusetts, U.S.

Reason for starting: I started Lindsay Tia because it was my dream. I started sewing at the age of 6, then selling my products my freshman year of high-school, and then going to college for Fashion Merchandising at the London College of Fashion. I wanted to defy the odds of a bad economy and create a successful startup. Designing is my passion and designing objects with meaning to share with my clients is my dream.

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How do you define success? Success is defined not by how much money you make or how much money you have. Success to me is happiness and being successful in doing what you love. You can’t put a price on happiness, experiences, and opportunities. I always say to people, “I’ve never been so happy and broke.” But I wouldn’t change what I am doing.

Biggest Success: I am still striving for that big moment but all the opportunities and experiences I’ve been a part of have been amazing: from events that I host giving back to the community to designing items that are inspired by people who believe in me. Lindsay Tia totes are more than just a handbag, I am creating an experience, a memory, a feeling, and something you’ll always remember.

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What is your top challenge and how have you addressed it? One of the hardest things to do is to get more products in boutiques. Usually when I email a boutiques to tell them the story of my business, it doesn’t give them the actual experience of the product that I create. When I physically go to these boutiques, there is an instant success as the owners/buyers fall in love with my product, and story. “There’s nothing like it!” they say.

Who is your most important role model? I can’t pick just one role model. Each of my designs are named after someone who has inspired me, believed in me, and helped me. To me my most important role model would have to be all these people who have helped me become who I am and taught me what I know.

Twitter   @Designwhoyouare

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