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Name: Lorena Amarante

Business: OM Latam, a community of online marketing professionals

Industry: Other–Online learning

Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Reason for starting: We founded a professional community – Online Marketing Latam – in order to facilitate interaction through the use of 2.0 technologies. At that time, we identified that there was a  need to interact and have access to relevant information about the industry, and networking events. There were  few companies around, which generated weak networking and ineffective synergy. What inspired us was to solve a problem: it wasn’t easy to hire qualified employees for our companies, while, on the other hand there were plenty of enthusiastic people eager to learn. The missing part was the link that could connect these two sides.

Some years later we decided to build a learning platform specifically about digital marketing. There was a great opportunity to add a training area to help people develop their careers and businesses through digital marketing. That’s how OM Latam was born as a company. We launched our Academy in 2011.

How do you define success? Being able to have an idea and vision, and seeing it come alive while enjoying the process. Doing what you love as a way of living.

Biggest Success: We became an industry benchmark for the region. Our professors are professionals that we admire, they are entrepreneurs or intrapreneurs and they have a great mix of knowledge and experience. We have been developing a professional community since our beginnings, so we have built trust and relationships for years. We have professionals that have been working in this industry for years in well known companies. This, along with recommendations, generates trust in our company and courses. Today, we reaffirm our passion for this industry in constant development, aware of participating in a region of great opportunity. We’re totally focused and committed to our business expansion and product development. This includes more services for companies and individuals.

What is your top challenge and how have you addressed it? Our biggest challenge is to notice that Latin America (Lat Am for short) as a region is growing and we have to promote best practices and our own experiences. OM Latam Academy is an online training platform that focuses on local and regional experience to create its training programs for the Spanish speaking market. We are committed to generating and promoting content in Spanish, to give visibility to local and regional case studies. We have experts who teach people in 15 different countries in the region.

Who is your most important role model? I am my own role model as CEO of the company.

Twitter @omlatam

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