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Name: Nazish Hussain

Business: Secret Stash

Location: Karachi, Pakistan

Industry: Apparel and Accessories  

Reason for starting? I was traveling abroad and had the opportunity to see a lot of high end vintage stores and realized we had nothing like these in my home country, Pakistan. Though a third world country there are enough people in a certain strata of our society that can afford designer items. And after awhile, just like consumers elsewhere they get tired or bored of these bags, shoes, etc and don’t know what to do with them. These items are taking up closet space but they don’t feel right giving it away since they’ve spent a fair amount of money on these items. There is also a growing population that’s aware of global fashion trends that would like to own international high street/ designer items but can’t afford the price tag who would love to purchase said items for a discount. This where Secret Stash came in providing a platform to buy and sell original designer items at bargain prices and the best part is it’s anonymous which helps cultural sensitivities.

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How do you define success? I think the biggest success for me has been launching my own website and seeing a positive response to it despite running it at the moment as a solo venture. The most exciting part has been when other people whom I don’t know have mentioned my business or have heard of it reinforcing my belief in it as something worthwhile.

Biggest success: My biggest success has been successfully launching my website, Secret Stash.

What is your top challenge and how you have addressed it? I launched my business and have been running it as a small venture for the past year and half successfully. I’m now looking to take it forward and scale it. Though I’ve received a lot of support I’m still a woman in a conservative country where there are a lot of things that come in to play. Plus e-commerce is still in it’s initial phases and the market is still developing. However, this a challenge I’m looking forward to overcoming.

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Who is your most important role model? I don’t have a specific role model at this time but I love hearing successful women share their personal stories as they’re so relatable and gives one hope especially when they’re from South Asia especially Pakistan.

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