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Name: Tejal Daftary

Business: Alphabet Media

Location: Mumbai, India 

Industry: Marketing & PR

Reason for starting? I come from the background of family business. My father runs a printing press and my mother manages the finances of his business. I have grown up watching them running a business. Since the very beginning, I always wanted to do something on my own. I got trained under one of the best PR companies in India, learnt the basics of PR and eventually started off to set up a company.

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How do you define success? From business point of view, success is client’s satisfaction. Success is making things happen, adding value to business and ensuring the work we have done has eventually made a difference. Success is seeing that the team is passionate, love what they do and they do their very best. Success is working together and growing together. From an individual point of view, success is acquiring knowledge, sharing your knowledge and engage more into it.

Biggest success: On the professional front, my biggest success is venturing out on my own and starting my public relations company, Alphabet Media, with my strong team and our clients who believed in us. I am also blessed to have support of my family, friends and my former colleagues who have always stood by me and guided me in my business decisions whenever required.

What is your top challenge and how you have addressed it? One of the top challenge has always been to balance personal and professional life and find time in doing things you love. I have always believed in two things: health is wealth and one must always keep learning. In my initial work years, it was really difficult to focus on health and find time to read. While I yet do not have the flexibility to follow that entirely, I do manage to remove time and ensure that I exercise and read regularly.

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Who is your most important role model? I believe you learn from every individual who you meet, interact and work with. Being in the industry of PR, I have had the privilege to meet and interact with people very regularly thereby ensuring that I constantly learn from them and imbibe their good qualities that can help me professionally and personally.

Twitter   @alphabetmediaa

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