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Name: Chantal Schutz

Business: Cloud Nine Nail Bar, a nail salon

Industry: Health & Beauty

Location: Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Canada

Reason for starting: People, especially women, are the cornerstone to our success! It was our desire to create a space that people could visit for clean, healthy and hygienic nail care services, where women could come and work and feel honoured and valued and invested in (each staff has an education allowance and in-house training is a priority) and the community could rely upon for support

How do you define success? Happiness. Waking up every morning and knowing that why I’m doing what I’m doing is consistent with my personal goal of helping people, encouraging people to be more and do more than they ever believed they could and creating relationships

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Biggest Success: Repeat customers who tell us the reason they visit is because of how they feel when they are at Cloud Nine. They notice how kind and caring our staff are towards each other and appreciate feeling honoured and appreciated

What is your top challenge and how have you addressed it? There is a significant lack or knowledge within this industry. Clients are not aware of the risks they take with their health when they visit a salon that does not make health, wellness and safety a number one priority. The is little to no regulation of the salon industry in British Columbia and in many places in North America. We are using our social media and website followers to slowly educate people with interesting blogs and status updates. We are also taking the opportunity to speak with our clients about nail health and the importance of taking their manicures and pedicures seriously.

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Who is your most important role model? It may sound funny, but my 11 year old son. He has such a passion for life and is a true entrepreneur. There is no idea he has that he doesn’t think he canals happen. His enthusiasm is relentless and he is always sharing ideas with me about things we might consider doing or new ways to expand Cloud Nine. He is a dreamer, a doer and works hard to attain his goals.

Twitter   @Cloud9nailbar

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