Sravani Sundeep

When Sravani Sundeep finished her degree in Technology, she was unsure of what to do next. After a stint as a freelance writer and a marketing start-up that only lasted four years, Sundeep came up with the idea that would turn into her next venture. Today the Trivandrum, India-based entrepreneur is running Apna Writer a content writing agency that provides full content writing services to individuals and businesses.

Sundeep’s story, as told to The Story Exchange 1,000+ Stories Project:

I always had an entrepreneurial streak in me. Despite having a degree in technology and being a keen learner, I was unsure of how to start my journey. After my marriage, I ventured into freelance writing, from which I was earning a decent income. But, I knew this was not enough. After a few years of industry experience, I launched my first ever venture a company that was a content marketplace.

Being somewhat new to the business management thing, that startup eventually failed after four years of hard work. But, I believed in myself. I did not allow for that failure to become a barrier between me and my dream.

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After studying my mistakes and things that could be improved upon, I came up with a new idea. Yes, it was the idea to start a fully managed content writing agency. This time, my team and I invested quite a few months of our time into market research, service planning, price structuring and more. This is how Apna Writer came to be.

For me, success is not about material things. I believe in doing things that make me and people around me happy. I always wanted to run a business of my own and to serve people with the best services that my team and I possibly can. When I look back at the journey, I feel proud. And at the same time it motivates me to work even harder to make Apna Writer a trusted and powerful brand in the future.

As shared before, my success is not based much on materialistic things and thus I never compare them. At present, all my focus is to give the best I can through Apna Writer. With all the quality procedure in our work, we are able to retain 95% of our clients. And as per my knowledge, this is huge for any industry in the content providing services.

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Being an entrepreneur, the path that we walk on is full of challenges and this is what makes it an interesting one. The top challenge for me was to balance work and life. The service industry needs you to be very active as we always need to be in touch with the clients that we work for. It took a lot of time for me to learn the process to manage both my personal and professional life effectively.

Sudha Murthy Ji is someone that I admire a lot and she is my role model. She is a teacher and also the chairperson of Infosys Foundation.

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