Sophie Turner by Gage Skidmore via Flickr; Ahriana Edwards, founder of Vaila Shoes (courtesy of Vaila Shoes); illustration by Kate Brennan.

It’s time to reveal the most-read stories on The Story Exchange in 2023!

This post was not written by AI — but you sure had an interest in it. Our intrepid reporter Kate Brennan set out to determine which AI tools can easily help one create their own business. Her resulting piece was this year’s most-read post. You also liked pieces about motivation, inspiration and leadership. Want more? There will be plenty more in 2024.

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With artificial intelligence constantly evolving at a rapid rate, there are now plenty of online tools that could assist with everything from logo design to website building. (Credit: Kate Brennan)

How Can I Use AI to Help Me Start My Business?

These 7 online tools, including one that builds an entire website in under 30 seconds, aim to save you time and money. We tested them out.



Summer Reading List: 8 New Books to Keep in Your Beach Bag

Look out for these highly-anticipated reads by authors like Ann Patchett and Thao Thai, hitting bookstores this summer.



In honor of Pride Month, and of the businesses the women of this world have started, we’re sharing words of wisdom from five of our favorite LGBTQ entrepreneurs. (Credit: Pixabay)

6 Motivational Quotes From Awesome LGBTQ Entrepreneurs

LGBTQ Pride Month is officially underway. We’re sharing words of wisdom from successful entrepreneurs in this 1.4 million-strong community.



Gen Z consists of anyone born between 1997 and 2012, which means the older end of Gen Z is now in the workforce alongside millennials, Gen Xers and baby boomers. (Credit: Christina Morillo, Pexels)

Gen Z Slang 101: How to Converse With the Younger People in The Office

A cheat sheet of 20 terms to help you understand what those new hires are talking about.



This Valentine's Day, peruse our playlist of love, love-lost and lust songs featuring Black women artists like Janet Jackson. (Credit: Amy Leiton, Wikimedia Commons)

14 Sweet (and Sultry) Songs by Black Women Artists For Your Ideal Valentine’s Day

Whatever your V-Day vibe, these Black women performers will help you set the perfect mood.



Alexandra Suchman of Barometer XP aims to bring 'connected-ness' back to the workplace. (Photo credit: Melissa Demple Photography)

4 Leadership Qualities Business Owners Should Strive for in 2023

What makes a great leader? We asked four CEOs this very same question. Here’s what they said.



Ahriana Edwards, founder of Vaila Shoes. (Courtesy of Vaila Shoes)

Presenting: 10 Brilliant Business Ideas from Entrepreneurial Women


Media coverage of the split between actress Sophie Turner (pictured here) and singer Joe Jonas has shed a light on a far bigger, nastier issue. (Credit: Gage Skidmore, Wikimedia Commons)

Joe Jonas, Luis Rubiales and Men’s Sense of Entitlement to Women

Recently, we’ve seen numerous examples of what happens when society allows men unfettered access to whatever they want: They still want more.



Start Your Astrological Journey With These 6 Women-Founded Apps. (Credit: Farzad Mohsenvand,

For Astrology Fans, These 6 Apps Provide Tips, Tricks and Guidance

Sure, the scientific community is skeptical. But astrology apps are winning followers (and funding) in unsteady times.



Founder of Women's Meditation Network, Katie Krimitsos. (Credit: Women's Meditation Network)

6 Ways to Manage Stress During Turbulent Times

We’ve compiled six of the most effective stress-relieving practices, as well as some women-owned companies to help you do so.