2023 holiday gift guide women entrepreneurs
A bird’s eye view of several of the wonderful, women-made items featured in our 2023 “Coming Together” holiday gift guide. (Credit: The Story Exchange. Elsewhere on page: Alyssa Sieb, Renee Comet, Zack Glenn of Equip Productions, Fielding Vaughn, and Mel Caitlin.)

It’s that time – our 2023 holiday gift guide is here!

Earlier this fall, we put out a call to women business owners who make gifts that foster connection between friends, family and other loved ones – and wow, they responded. We received a record-breaking 133 applications from entrepreneurs who told us about the thoughtful, fun products and services that perform the oh-so-critical work of bringing people together.

Perhaps not surprisingly, many gifts in our “Coming Together” guide will bring givers and recipients to the dinner table – from wine, to coffee dust, to hot sauce, to placemats. But there are crafty selections, too, as well as several fun games and lovely bits of decor. Our staff sampled the lot to make sure each item was durable and easy-to-use. (And yes, we made sure the wine and treats were yummy, too – you’re welcome.)

Below, take a journey with us, starting with a pour and ending with a nightcap – and imagine the fun, flavorful time you can have enjoying these treats with loved ones.

Happy Holidays!

The Perfect Pour

White Wine by Jon’ll Boyd of Boyd Cru Wines – This wine startup’s Community Vidal Blanc is absolutely delicious. Fill your glasses with this crisp offering, made in Silver Spring, Maryland, and toast to the good times. As Boyd, co-owner and winemaker, reminds us, “Wine is a common language.” Share It With: The friends you haven’t seen in ages.

$30 - Available here

An Irresistible Dip

Honey Apple Salsa by Sheila Kelly of KYVAN Foods – This Buford, Georgia, company’s sweet twist on a true snack time classic is almost too good. (In the interest of partial disclosure, our judges polished off more of the sample jar than they care to confess at this juncture.) It goes with most any chip – or spoon. Share It With: Your snack-loving colleagues.

$14.99 - Available here

A Mood-Setter

Candle and Playlist by DeAndra Craigman of DeAndra Craigman Studios – First, perhaps the most critical part – this candle smells absolutely wonderful. But the Queens, New York, company also includes a mood-setting playlist (via a QR code) with its main product, to further boost the ambience. Share It With: Someone you enjoy cozy, quiet time with.

$32 - Available here

A Place-Setter

Placemats by Devon Caraher of SiLL the Table – Messy meals are no match for these sturdy designer placemats. And since the Washington, D.C., company offers them in so many fun patterns and colors, even the kids’ table can get a funky high-end boost (while also protecting your tablecloths). Share It With: Your entire holiday meal assembly.

$85 - Available here

For Family Makers

Toy Decorating Kit by Natalie Lacey, BridgeWood Toys – For families who want to skip the screens and get creative instead, this activity from the Reno, Nevada, company is a win. The kits are well-made and easy to use, with materials and instructions that make the process into an enjoyable breeze. Share It With: Your crafty crew of kiddos.

$35 - Available here

An Experience in Making

Weaving Set and Workshop by Morgan Spenla of Crafter.com – Both the kit itself, and the accompanying video, were clearly made with care. The materials were tangibly high-quality – in particular, the super-bulky yarn. For crafters who like a challenge, seek out this San Diego, California, company’s offerings. Share It With: Your beloved stitch-and-bitch circle.

$95 - Available here

Heat Up a Night

DIY Hot Sauce Kit by Lauren Glenn of Delightfully Hot – Lovers of all things spicy, rejoice. This Jacksonville, Florida, outfit has put together the end-all, be-all of hot sauce experiences. This sizable kit even comes with the famous ghost pepper, for those seeking a little extra adventure in the kitchen. Share It With: The biggest “Hot Ones” fan you know.

$99.99 - Available here

A Sing-Along Craze

Dub This! Musical Card Game by Desireé Vaughn of Dub This! – Got near-encyclopedic knowledge of pop songs? Then get ready to show off at game night. This easy, card-based offering hails from Boston, and based on our judges’ experiences, big laughs are as guaranteed as great music. Share It With: The ones who sing along to the radio with you.

$22.99 - Available here

Word Fun for Kids

Kangaroo Cravings Board Game by Jacquelyn Davis of Clever Noodle – This Washington, D.C. company’s flagship game is great for children who are learning words or trying to reinforce language skills. And it’s truly fun – one of our judge’s sons has asked to play it every day since it was brought home for judging. Share It With: Your brainy offspring.

$29.95 - Available here

Sea-Based Pampering

Dried Sea Moss by Shavorn Stephens by SeaMoss Boss Canouan – This will bring an unusual (and great!) twist to your next girls’ night. The Miami company sells jars of dried moss, which can be rehydrated then converted into gels for superfood smoothies or DIY face masks. Share It With: Your group of nature-loving girlies.

$12.99 - Available here

A Conscious Cuddle

Cotton Blanket by Ginger Shields of Intertwined – The mission of this Greensboro, North Carolina, company is two-fold – sell a top-notch product, and lift up the Mayan women makers they partner with. Our judges were extremely impressed by the levels of care that went into this blanket. Share It With: Pals at a picnic, or your favorite snuggle buddy.

$139 - Available here

Late-Night Munchables

Flavored Nut Sampler by Cyrilla Suwarsa of Nuts+Nuts – Sometimes, you just need a simple-yet-well-made munch. The offerings in this sampler pack fit that bill perfectly. The maple-rosemary almonds crafted by this Los Angeles company were an especially big hit with our judges. Share It With: Your partners in late-night snacking crime.

$28.00 - $31.50 - Available here

A Boost for Your Boost

Coffee Flavor Powders by Christy Clement of Vashon Island Coffee Dust – For those looking to make coffee time more healthful, try these flavor packs designed to help you ditch sweeteners. Named for its home base of Vashon Island, Washington, this company’s little tins contain big – and sometimes unexpected – flavors. Share It With: Anyone who enjoys a cuppa.

$36 - Available here