1000 Children’s Goods & Services

Amie Salter: Ooh Belly

I realized that most professional antepartum and postpartum service companies serve high income families and those that can’t afford their services are left without guidance and support.

Sarah AbdelHafez: EduKitten

My Egyptian brother is living in the US and he has two children; a boy and a girl. And he’s always worried that they won’t be able to talk and practice their mother tongue which is the Arabic language…

Danielle Gletow: One Simple Wish

After a year of fostering and after the placement of our now adopted daughter, we vowed to create a way for more people to support children at such a confusing and vulnerable time in their lives.

Claire Bennett: Music Bugs

Success can be measured in many different ways but for me the personal fulfillment of creating something that has had a positive effect on other peoples lives is something that I am proud of.

Jackie Covas: Dance Dot

I was working as a professional dancer and finding a place to practice my tap dance routines while touring was nearly impossible. So, I created a portable tap dance board that I could easily take on the road with me.

Trang Le: Kiddieo Mall

I’m saying goodbye to the corporate world to focus on Kiddieo Mall and be home more for my two kids.

Claire Mitchell: Chillipeeps Limited

Success has been producing a product from the original Eureka moment; Success is gaining awards and recognition for your product… Success is giving back, through inspiring others to dream and believe that they too can achieve!

Vanessa Bright: Financial Futures Now

I started my company to educate America’s youth on the basic principles of financial literacy and provide them with the skills to become financially free and fiscally responsible adults.

Thea Myhrvold: IB Smart

After only a few months I have been featured in magazines like Cosmopolitan, which was a great honor. I am only 22, and for such a magazine to ask me for my advice was really fun!