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The Spiritual Rewards of Being in Business

Our report in today’s New York Times features Traci Phillips, whose Native American roots inspired an eco-friendly business.

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Dee Poku on Inspiring the Next Generation of Women Leaders

The former Hollywood studio executive talks to lifestyle expert Claudia Chan about launching a global conference for women leaders.



We Want to Feature Your Startup Story

TSE has heard from nearly 600 female entrepreneurs since the 1000 Stories project began and is actively seeking more, all of which will be featured on this site.


December Jobs Report: Not Exactly What We Wanted

The latest weak numbers could signal more economic instability. What impact will that have on your business?


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The Ups and Downs of Being Quirky

TSE’s special report in today’s New York Times features Judi Henderson-Townsend, who often gets called “The Mannequin Lady” for her unusual line of work.


Turning Body Parts Into a Business

Judi Henderson-Townsend of Oakland, Calif., has been selling, renting and recycling mannequins for nearly 15 years. This year, she hopes to achieve an elusive goal: Become a million-dollar business.


Image credit: Flickr user Victor1558

5 New Year’s Resolutions for Ambitious Women

Coach Ann Daly starts off 2014 with some tough talk: Tame the female ego, learn to say “no!” and other advice.

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Why It Pays to Be Generous in Business

Business coach Ann Mehl says this often-overlooked personality trait is the key to superabundance.