Victoria Flexner

Victoria Flexner

Victoria Flexner is the editor of the 1,000 Stories Project and more recently helped launch, 1,000+ Stories Project. Victoria has a background in food and history. She is the founder of Edible History, a historical supper club based in Brooklyn and author of "A History of The World in Ten Dinners" to be published by Rizzoli Fall 2023.

Posts by Victoria Flexner

Sonal Singh: Women-Centric Consultancy

“Women are born creators and if only they had the faith to embrace this natural talent, we could have so many small businesses enriching our economy and motivating others.”

Monica Kang: Creative Thinking for Professionals

“I decided to gather my diverse expertise in project management, curriculum development, teaching, business, and community building, and create a space for professionals to rediscover their creativity.”

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