NYT option 3Back in December of 2013, we first announced our partnership with The New York Times. On a regular basis, our videos and articles on inspiring female entrepreneurs have been published in the Times’ small-business section.

We are pleased to share the professional and personal stories of women business owners with the Times’ broad audience. Too often, the tales of entrepreneurial women go unnoticed by mainstream media; yet as a group, female business owners are making a real difference in their communities and contributing to the global economy. By telling their stories, we hope to provide role models to other women who are pursuing entrepreneurial dreams.

To see the videos and articles that have been shared by the Times (as they appear on our site), look below:


How a Car Accident Inspired an Entrepreneur to Think Big
Felena Hanson vowed to make an impact after a near-fatal wreck. She’s opened a coworking space that aims to push women-owned businesses to the next level.
Why we featured her: TSE Women in The New York Times


A Bootstrapping Entrepreneur Bets the Family Home
Adriana Rodriguez, an Austin mom of two, needed more cash flow after she launched a bilingual school.
Why we featured her: Infusing a Business with a Global Spirit


Recalling a Christmas Spent with a Start-Up
Becky O’Neil of Arlington, Va., remembers her first Christmas as an entrepreneur: she worked the entire day.
Why we featured her: A Startup Entrepreneur Displays True Grit


Turning Body Parts Into a Business
Judi Henderson-Townsend has been selling, renting and recycling mannequins for nearly 15 years. This year, she hopes to achieve an elusive goal: Become a million-dollar business.
Why we featured her: The Ups and Downs of Being Quirky


Cleaning Up Our E-Waste Mess
Entrepreneur Traci Phillips of Natural Evolution is in the business of preserving Mother Earth.
Why we featured her: The Spiritual Rewards of Being in Business


A Scrappy Real Estate Broker Stakes Her Business on Flat Fees
Ati Okelo Williams, the owner of DC Home Buzz, a real estate agency in Washington, D.C., says she is not used to feeling fearful.
Why we featured her: An Entrepreneur’s Bold Moves


The ‘Rain Woman’ Behind a Digital Detective Agency
Alison Chung has parlayed a phenomenal gift for numbers into a computer forensics firm.
Why we featured her: How Being Different Led to Success


For an Entrepreneur Trained in Conflict Resolution, Business is Good
Alma Jadallah seeks to broker peace between Middle Eastern communities in a post-Arab Spring world.
Why we featured her: Brokering Peace in the Middle East


Digging Out of a Sales Rut
Xiaoning Wang of ChinaSprout is working to turnaround her educational-products company.
Why we featured her: On Pivoting and Persevering


Dog Food So Good You Could Eat It … Literally
Lucy Postins sells ‘human-grade’ pet food, meaning you could grab a spoon and eat it with your pooch.
Why we featured her: Horse-Loving Girl Becomes Pet-Food Entrepreneur


A Woman in the Kitchen
Chef Jody Adams counts Julia Child as her mentor. She talks about rising to the top of the male-dominated restaurant business.
Why we featured her: Why We Care About Female Chefs


From Dishwasher to Head Chef
Ana Sortun, who owns three restaurants in greater Boston, discusses her rise in the kitchen.
Why we featured her: Why We Care About Female Chefs


The Challenges of Starting an Urban Winery
Forget rain or bugs. Lysanne Tusar, who makes wine in Hong Kong, has landlord issues.
Why we featured her: The Flip Side of Fearlessness


A Social Media Agency Takes an Edgy Approach
Pat Law of Goodstuph makes it a habit to be “badass.” This summer, she’s opening a bar.
Why we featured her: Why Entrepreneurs Should Never Be Satisfied


The Long Journey to Market for her All-Natural Snack Bar
Seven years after a corporate sabbatical inspired Simple Squares, Kimberly Dobbins is close to turning a profit.
Why we featured her: From Corporate Employee to Entrepreneur


A Fashion Brand Keeps Its Sewing in the US
Jan Erickson of Janska is trying a lean manufacturing strategy to produce her American-made apparel.
Why we featured her: The Lost Art of Sewing

ShaanThumbnailPrepared for a Male-Dominated World
Shaan Kandawalla pushed gender norms in her native Pakistan. Now, she’s ready to take on the U.S. tech scene.
Why we featured her: Why We Care About Women in Tech

MelodyThumbnailDiscouraged in School But Thriving as Tech Entrepreneur
AP Computer Science nearly derailed Melody McCloskey’s career in tech. Today she’s running StyleSeat in San Francisco.
Why we featured her: Why We Care About Women in Tech

AmyThumbnailWhen It Takes a Woman to Design Products for Women
Scientist Amy Sheng of CellScope is designing a device to help moms diagnose kids’ ear infections.
Why we featured her: Why We Care About Women in Tech

ReesThumbnailDeciding to Join the Family Business. Sort of.
Elizabeth Rees, whose family owns a printing company, finds her own path with Chasing Paper.
Why we featured her: A Young Woman to Watch

DeliaThumbnailAfter a Disaster, a Winery Starts Anew
Delia Viader finds a better business model and begins again after losing her 2003 vintage in a warehouse fire.

DanaeThumbnailHow Danae Ringelmann Came Up With Indiegogo
The San Francisco native says she was inspired by her small-business-owner parents to create the crowdfunding platform.

DowlingThumbnailDeciding There’s Nothing Wrong With a Lifestyle Business
Anne Dowling of Breckenridge, Colo., runs a pair of wine and cheese shops — and gets some good skiing in on powder days.