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Get Over It: Fear of Failure

Our team of experts provide tips for conquering your biggest personal startup challenges.


Inspiring Girls to Be Tech Entrepreneurs

A new program aims to catch young women before they’re dissuaded from STEM fields.


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Our Small-Biz “Get Over It” Panel

When you have a startup challenge that needs conquering, these experts can help.


Bouncing Back From Failure

Beginning again when your first entrepreneurial endeavor goes under.



Crowdfunding-Related Anxiety

One female entrepreneur talked with us about pre-launch jitters. An expert explains how to avoid them.


3 Ways to Tackle Your Money Stress Solo

If you don’t have help, here’s how to overcome the financial anxieties of running a business.



Overcoming Uncertainty – With a Little Help

How a support system helped several female entrepreneurs through money struggles.


The Especially Thick Glass Ceiling of the Tech World

A report looks at the issues women face while climbing the corporate ladder in the technology industry.