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Tyga color on white 300dpiFEAT

Packing and Tracking in a Tech-Savvy World

In this 1,000 Stories update, Nadine Cino of Tyga-Box Systems chats about her company’s digital developments.

Making a Statement with Humor
The Story Exchange flexes its sketch comedy muscles in order to illustrate how girls and women are stereotyped in the professional world.

A Light Look at Serious Stigmas

Using comedy to examine those old stereotypes about girls’ career aspirations.



Three Years of Female Empowerment

The Story Exchange marks its third anniversary of celebrating, informing and supporting women business owners.


Coming Together to Make an Impact

The National Girls Collaborative Project brings together organizations in support of girls in STEM.



The Power of an Astronaut’s Legacy

Sally Ride Science helps students and teachers in STEM, thanks to the work and inspiration of its famous founder.

Get Over It Panel

Get Over It: That Negative Voice Inside Your Head

Many women say their top business challenge is dealing with self-doubt. Our panel offers tips.


NYT option 3

The Lost Art of Sewing

As part of our continuing series with the New York Times, we profile homespun designer Jan Erickson of Janska.

Get Over It Panel

Get Over It: Your Lack of Patience

Want everything to happen yesterday? Our expert panel provide tips on how to hurry up and wait.